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how to create your cozy vibe

Choose a Designated Color

When you are starting to decorate a room you will want to choose your primary color to start off. After deciding what your rooms main color will be you can them create a color scheme based off of that color. The will make it easier for you to keen an eye out for certain colors when shopping.

Choose a Few Accent Colors

When choosing what your accent color will be, you first want to decide what vibe you are going for. If you are wanting a cozier vibe- neutrals, warm colors, & just a few pops of color are what you will want. If you want more of an energectic vibe, you will want mostly bright colors that are complimented by neutral colors.

Mix in A Few Patterns

Adding in patterns can turn your room from boring to unique with just a couple items. The patterns can be a mix of neutrals that go with the main color of your room’s theme, or you can find patterned items that include your accent colors to add a pop to the room. I personally gravitate towards neutrals more & mix those in with the main color of my room. In my living room (pictured above) I found patterned curtains, pillows, & flower pots to add different patterns to the room.

Pillows & Blankets

When shopping for pillows & blankets there is so much to choose from. These are both easy ways to really add some individuality to your room. These are also a great way to work in your accent colors or just a pop of color! Pillows * blankets are also a great way to add textures to your furniture. When searching for blankets keep the main color of your room in mind, but look for some that are woven, some that have fringe, are colors that will add some color to the room, or even some that have fun patterns!

Mood Lighting

Lighting is one of my favorite parts of a room. Having lighting can make movie night feel like you’re in a theater, can make your relaxing day at home extra stress-relieving, or keep the room nice & bright for company. One of my favorite ways to add some unique lighting to a room is with fairy lights. You can string these on their own, behind tapestries & curtains, or even drape them from wall to wall across your ceiling. Most fairy lights have multiple settings you can choose from, making it so you can switch the mood of lighting based on what you are doing!


Buying some cute canvas organizers are a cute & space efficient way to organize your things. TJ Maxx usually has a large selection of organizer bins (canvas or plastic) at a reasonable, as well as Walmart & Target. Walmart doesn't have as big of a selection but they are very affordable.


Personally, I am so OBSESSED with plants. They add so much life to a room & really lighten it up. Aside from bringing some seriously positive vibes to the room, they also are great air purifiers. If you are a busy person & don't necessarily have the time to keep up with taking care of live pants, fake plants are also a great way to liven up the room!

A Personal Touch

Adding things that are personal to you is what truly makes your home, a home. Pictures of over ones & friends, art work you have done or found, or displaying gifts you have been given are all great ways to spruce up YOUR place. Plus when your company asks where you got whatever you may have displayed, it may make for a good story!


My Home Decor

Curtain Fairy Lights
Curtain Fairy Lights

These are too much fun! You can put them behind curtains, tapestries, plain on the wall, ect... They add such a cozy vibe to the atmosphere & look so cute!

Blue World Map Tapestry
Blue World Map Tapestry

I love this tapestry because it is rather gender neutral & adds a hipster vibe to the room. I added the fairy lights that I have linked in another picture behind this to add a Peter Pan kind of vibe when the room is dark.

Blue Paisley Half Length Curtains
Blue Paisley Half Length Curtains

These brighten up the room with their pretty blues & add some fun pattern into the mix. These are not blackout curtains by any means but still block out a good amount of light.

Hanging Ivy
Hanging Ivy

As a plant lover I can't get enough of stuff like this. This ivy is a cute & simple way to add life to a room without the hassle of watering it often.

Navy Stripes & Daisies Duvet Cover
Navy Stripes & Daisies Duvet Cover

The daisies on this duvet add a sweetness to the look of the room. This duvet is very comfortable & the color has potential to go with many different color schemes.

White Frilly Throw Pillow Cases
White Frilly Throw Pillow Cases

These pillows are cute, cozy, & add a fun pattern to any group of pillows you may have.


L O C A L  D E C O R

Lawrence, KS

The Lawrence Antique Mall is jammed packed with so many cool things. Here you can find vintage jewelry, clothes, cameras, furniture, posters, knick knacks, & more. There are three floors in this antique wonderland so when you go make sure you have some time on your hands to fully explore it all.

Who doesn't love candles? At Waxman they have so many awesome candle scents & collections to choose from. They also make ceramic wine glasses, flower pots, & votive holders that come in so many beautiful glaze colors. One of my favorite things about the store is that everything is made in house, so your items are guaranteed to be made with thoughtfulness & love.

Here you can find unique antiques & knick knacks. In my personal experiene I have found very unique Native American & spiritual antiques here. It may look small from the outside, but there is many treasures to be found on the inside!