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Skin Care Routine

Step 1: wash your face

First thing's first, I wash my face. I do this morning & night. Personally, I have sensitive skin so I try to use cleansers that are gentle, scent free, and don't contain syllic acid. My favorite cleanser currently is the Acure Super Geens Cream Cleanser. I usually try to wash for at least a minute and make sure to especially go over the places I tend to have break outs in.

Step 2: face mask

My favorite morning masks are the African Black Soap mask (linked in my favorites above) by Shea Moisture & the Mario Badescu Super Collogen Mask. My favorite night mask is the Watermelon Overnight Mask from Trader Joes. I try to do a face mask 2-3 times a week. The Shea Moisture mask is really good for evening out my skin tone, keeping my acne in check, & plumping my skin. The Mario Badescu & Trader Joes masks really help give my skin some moisture when it is going through a dry spell- especially the overnight watermelon mask.

Step 3: toner

Next I saturate a cotton pad with toner and wipe it on my neck & face in upward strokes. Toner is especially important for acne prone skin, because it helps to remove extra dirt, oil, & balances the pH balance of your skin. I make sure to allow my toner to completely dry after applying it before I move on to the next step of my skin care routine. The Shea Moisture toner I have linked above is amazing for oily acne prone skin. It helps wipe away all the excess in the morning & keep my skin mattified throughout the day.

Step 4: serum

After my toner has dried I apply a serum. Serums are meant to target specific skincare concerns, so when going to buy one look for one that is going to aim to fix your concerns. When applying make sure to apply in upwards motions. Pulling the skin down is more likely to create wrinkles over time.

Step 5: moisturizer

Next I apply a moisturizer to lock in all the nutrients from the serum & hydrate my skin. I have acne prone skin so I tend to gravitate towards gel based moisturizers. Typically thicker moisturizers clog my pores & make me break out. However, I also have eczema so there are times when gel moisturizers do not give me enough hydration. When this is the case I will typically use a thicker moisturizer before I go to bed so it can really soak in overnight. If I am wanting a sun kissed look for the day, I will mix in the Dr. Hauschka bronzing tint to my moisturizer in this step.

Step 6: sunscreen

Lastly, I apply a light sunscreen. Our face is one of the most vulnerable areas on our bodies when it comes to being exposed to the sun. To prevent aging, wrinkles, & fine lines, applying sunscreen can really help.


Makeup Must Haves

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Support Local Salons

Kansas City, KS

Session, a salon owned & recently opened by Hollie Haskins, has such positive vibes & is a great place to get your hair done. Here there are a team of awesome stylists, any of which, can help you reach your hair goals. My personal favorite is Anna Capra. I have gone to Anna for over a year now & she is funny, sweet, positive, & always exceeds my hair expectations. By clicking on "Session Salon" above you can explore the salon's instagram to become familiar with the stylists or find how to contact the salon. By clicking "Anna Capra" below you can explore Anna's instagram to see her blonding magic.

Lawrence, KS

Mane Haus, a salon in downtown Lawrence, KS, is a great place to get your hair done & leave feeling refreshed. The time I have spent here has always been uplifting & positive. The stylists were all enjoyable to talk to & had such positive attitudes. Sarah, my stylist at Mane Haus, is incredibly sweet, a great conversationalist, & has a talent for styling hair. By clicking "Mane Haus" above, you can explore the salon's instagram & find how to contact the salon. By clicking "Sarah Easum" below, you can explore Sarah's instagram to see her awesome work.


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DERMA.E Vitamin C Serum

This serum works wonders on uneven skin tones. From my personal experience, it is hard to find serums that aren't oily & just gunk up my pores. This serum is light, fresh, & does not make my skin feel greasy. It's perfect for when my skin needs a brightening boost.

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