The Butterfly Project Turns 4 with Jerlynn'L

The Butterfly Project has been a launchpad for newcomers to the blogging scene for years now, and it's fourth birthday bash was as true to its roots as it gets.

Tying up with Jerlynn'L, a branch of the Shizens group, anticipation hung in the air as the group of 50 butterflies waited at Hello Deer to open the box of goodies.

The Jerlynn'L ethos is one which is extremely inspiring. If you're keen on natural skincare for you and your little ones, they're definitely worth looking into. 

With everything from body wash to shampoo, detangling and bug sprays, the products are gentle and colour-coded to aid in their use. 

  • Blue: For the body
  • Green: For hair
  • Red: Requires adult supervision

The premise of this is that children are extremely visual creatures, and drawn to bright colours. It makes it easier for them to use the right products even before they begin to read. That is not to say that you should leave small children unsupervised in the bath; merely that you can train them from a young age how to use products correctly.

Interestingly, it's a brand that also carries products for the home, such as air fresheners.

Looks just like ice-cream doesn't it? Smells divine too. Nevermind the little one; I'm at risk of eating this! Thankfully, it's natural.

We all know my priorities always lie with cake, however, and it wouldn't be a party without the stuff. Thankfully, Mamasan can always be trusted to feed my love of sugar.

Plus, if you know anything about me, you'll know that yellow is my favourite colour. This was the prettiest party!

Before the unboxing, we got to actually cut the cake so we could tuck into it.

And finally, the big reveal:

It was an incredibly generous box of goodies, and since I've tried a few of their products before, I was all too happy to have backups.

It's really convenient that most of their products have the age from which it can be used printed on the bottle. It just makes it even simpler to ensure you're not using something you shouldn't on any of your children.

While their products are safe and natural, they do add essential oils to fragrance them. This may not be suitable if your child has extremely sensitive skin, but even with eczema, Megatron has done fine with them. 

This Body Wash and Daily Moisture Lotion come in the Plants & Herbs Extract varietal, but there is also a Fruits & Veges varietal that contains Ceramide III.

The Face Moisture Soothing Cream is suitable for ages 3 and up, and is great for sensitive or irritated skin.

Bug No More is a favourite of mine because Megatron is beloved by mosquitoes of all shapes and sizes. Especially with dengue being a perpetual threat in this country, this is a product I always have on hand. It's suitable for use from birth, which is great.

Megatron is a little young for this as yet, as it's suggested for ages 4 and up. She barely has any hair anyway. I did try this on myself though, after I ran out of my beloved Caudalie Divine Oil, and it really works. It's a rinse-off product meant to be used post-conditioner so it doesn't leave any residue.

How beautiful is this bottle? Their Scalp Care Hair Wash is something I've yet to try, but I'm really excited about it. While they do have a Mild Moisturising version, this would suit this weather and what it does to my hair, far more I believe.

Have you tried anything from Jerlynn'L?