If you're wondering what Impulse is all about, you can read about it here

For now, I've been training at Impulse for around 2 months, and this is a bit of an update on my progress. As with any form of fitness, I have no doubt that everyone is wondering how it's working on the physical aspect of my health, so let's talk about that first. 


[30th July, 2016]

[21st August, 2016]

[8th September, 2016]

[28th September, 2016]

The numbers simply don't lie. Initially, I had lost a bit of weight, but it was primarily muscle. This does happen as your body adjusts to the novelty of it all, and you're not consuming enough protein. Keep in mind, as well, that I'm not cutting fatty food out of my diet in totality. I'm just trying to moderate my intake of the bad stuff. For me, personally, this is a more sustainable approach. If I give up everything cold turkey, I will feel deprive and I will undoubtedly slip up and fail at it all. 

My last body analysis shows that there's progress, as well. While I've put on weight, it's muscle weight and a loss of fat, so I'm absolutely not complaining. 

Since the last update, there have been a few additional changes as well. I've noticed that Impulse has been helping to moderate my mood, and I'm not the only one. In general, I am an extremely angry person, and Pinata has noticed that on days when I go in for a training session, I tend to be in an infinitely better more. When I haven't gone for a week on account of having my period, I tend to be extremely grumpy and he starts counting down the days til I can go back. So yes, it's fantastic for mood regulation and getting the frustration out of your system. 

Beyond that, this first step in fitness has pushed me to do other things as well. I've started kickboxing, and there are plans in the works to kick off some yoga and rock climbing as well. All it really took was that first 20 minute push I went in for, and I feel like I'm slowly getting back on track. No matter what though, I need to incorporate Impulse into my routine twice a week to make sure that I stay on track. 

As for the sessions themselves, they're still no breeze, but I'm learning to enjoy them more instead of counting down the minutes until it's over. It's still tough, but it makes you tougher as well. It's also interesting how each trainer has their own strategy in dealing with sessions, so each time you go in you will find that you're getting a bit of a switch up to ensure your body doesn't plateau. 

If you need a kickstart, you really need to look into Impulse. It's definitively awesome!