In the heart of Taman Tun, we find a bar that exists to satisfy the owners' need for a personal watering hole with great pours and even better food. If you're looking for the quintessential wine pairing experience, you've taken a wrong turn somewhere; but you've hit the right spot if what you want is a culinary experience that will leave your soul thoroughly satisfied.

If you entered Legends prior to September last year, you wouldn't be remiss is walking back out again. It was dark, dingy, and more than a little dodgy. Since changing hands, these issues have been addressed, and what we are met with is a comfortable, conversation-friendly environment, with an excellently curated playlist.

Let's dive right in because this truly is one of the most underrated gastropubs around. Essentially, what we're looking at here is food that pairs brilliantly with that pint you undoubtedly need at the end of the workday.

Finger food is a definitive must-have when you're planning on hanging around for a while, and in skipping the traditional lot of bland dishes like roasted pork belly and calamari (which are delicious in themselves), Legends brings you an array of tapas-style dishes which are packed a real punch of flavour in every morsel.

There are prawns, and then there are PRAWNS! And undoubtedly, the Curry Leaf Prawns that hit the table first fell into the latter category. While there were only four prawns (albeit, extremely meaty ones) in the serving, that didn't really temper our enjoyment of the dish because every aspect of it was perfection. From the crispy curry leaves, to the beautifully caramelised onions, you will end up with a clean bowl, even if you're not a fan of onions as a general rule of thumb.

[Curry Leaf Prawns (RM18)]

While this wasn't my first visit to Legends, the majority of what I tried on this visit was new to me. The Pork Belly Rendang was something we ordered 2 of the last time we popped in, and I was still just as happy with it on this visit. You know how it goes: Nothing ever lives up to how good it is the first time you try it; and while it didn't have that element of surprise, it was still a solid choice and made me very happy. The pork belly was meaty and tender, without being overly fatty. The crackling sprinkled over top was just an added bonus to an already fantastic dish. If this is all you're having, order some rice with it, and you'll be a happy camper (or maybe even the Bacon Fried Rice).

[Pork Belly Rendang with Crispy Crackling (RM23)]

The finale of the appetiser trio was a bit of a surprise to me. Chicken Tikka tends to be just that, marinade subpar chunks of meat The serving at Legends knocks this notion on the head, because what you find here are really good, meaty pieces of chicken which would put the best Indian restaurant in KL to shame. Truly, truly lovely with the homemade mint chutney that accompanies it.

[Chicken Tikka (RM18)]

If the appetisers are anything to go by, you're in for quite a treat with the main dishes. Aside from bacon being the religiously necessary food group in my world, pizza and burgers are my favourite food; and you get a really good range of both at Legends. Yes, I may do the fancy bit and chow down on some haute cuisine every now and again, but comfort food is where my heart belongs.

On my previous visit, we ended up ordering 3 of their signature Legend's Pork Pizza (yes, the menu is grammatically correct and everything!), which speaks volumes. It was so damn good. As always, though, it's nice to try something new.

The English Breakfast Pizza was recommended, and while I was a little unsure about having an egg in the middle of it, you can't really argue with the addition of bacon and sausage.

[Legend's English Breakfast Pizza (RM30)]

Quite frankly, considering that this was the result of a serendipitous moment in the kitchen, it's one amazing pie! With its homemade pizza dough, thick cut bacon, and juicy sausage, you can't go wrong. The egg was actually a very interesting addition that added a nice touch to the pizza as well. I was rather surprised at how well it paired. You really do have to try it to understand just how good this is. Do it! Do it now!

Be still my beating heart, because as apprehensive as I was about trying the Fiddler's Fiddle, a medium house-ground beef patty topped with bacon, peanut butter and strawberry jam. No misprints here...that's exactly what you're getting, and you will love it!

[Fiddler's Fiddle (RM23)]

Inspired by 'The Elvis', the bananas were omitted because that would be pushing the envelope (and the structural integrity of bread) a little too far, this is truly a force to be reckoned with. It's quickly shot to one of the top burgers in my book, as the addition of peanut butter to anything has me biased in its favour.

That being said, it's not a fussy burger, and something you would go for when you want some good quality (60/40) meat that doesn't require you to decipher what's been added to it. It's just a good burger, with a bit of a surprise on top. The level of seasoning was perfect, which allowed the bacon to add its own distinctive saltiness to it. The bread is baked fresh especially for Legends by a German bakery around the corner, ensuring that it's been created specifically to withstand the tender nature of burger meat (as it should be).

We're also going to have to talk about those fries, but we'll get there.

But first, let's talk Hainanese Chicken Chop. Definitely comparable to Yut Kee's offering, this nostalgic treat will have you reminiscing about your childhood. While not overly fond of the dish as a general preference, this was one of the better ones I've had.

[Legendary Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM23)]

But those fries. Seriously, just look at them in all their glory.

This crisp, golden stack isn't arranged in this manner for aesthetics (although that never hurts). Its purpose is purely functional in ensuring that there is an adequate amount of air circulating through the layers to prevent the fries from getting soggy. And it works too A good half hour or so after munching on the first few, they were still good and crispy on the outside while being pillows of potato-ey goodness on the inside. The stack is purely determined by the fact that there are one and a half potatoes per serving as well. Combining architecture and food is always something to strive for, it would seem, and my dining companion, Carol went so far as to declare these as the best fries she'd had in KL!

If you'd like something other than the regular offerings of ketchup and chilli sauce, they do have a homemade Garlic Aioli to pair with the fries, and you need to opt for that.

[Garlic Aioli]

You would be remiss to think that the list of what you need to eat ends there (and even then, it isn't exhaustive), because the Bacon Overload Fried Rice has somehow managed to encompass a great deal of that elusive wok hei we're all in search of. In a pub, no less! The smokey sweetness of the bacon pairs really well with the mild heat from the fried rice. It never hurts to have that beautifully runny sunny side up sprinkled with chopped bacon (I hesitate to say bacon bits, because the bottled stuff is truly nasty). I'd be happy eating this for every meal for the rest of my life, and that's precisely where the inspiration for it came from - It was a household staple in the childhood home of Shankar Santhiram (co-owner of Legends).

[Bacon Overload Fried Rice (RM20)]

Is there room for dessert? Always. And you should probably order both of the options they have on the menu: Rum & Raisin Ice-Cream, and a Chocolate Brownie.

Despite having an aversion to raisins that made me recoil a little at the ice-cream that's churned on site, I thoroughly enjoyed the scoop (the non-raisin infiltrated bits, at least). It was a rich, creamy serve that can only come from using the best ingredients without any of the fillers that commercial ice-cream is bastardised with.

[Homemade Rum & Raisin Ice-Cream (RM18)]

However, if you absolutely had to pick between the two, the brownie is the must-have dessert. This isn't just isolated to the present premise either; it's a brownie you would come back for if you're craving brownies. It was that damn good.

[Chocolate Brownie (RM12)]

Rich dark chocolate that somehow straddled dense and light simultaneously, topped with airy whipped cream and...bacon? Yes! Candied bacon! Rightfully so too. It's not a combination I have ever put together in my head, and I'm kicking myself for it. It was so sinfully good, and there are nights when I lie there thinking about whether I can justify running out to eat it at midnight (I can, and I will!).

In recognising the culinary merits of this joint, it's easy to forget that it is, in fact, a pub. Let's talk about how the drinks fared. While Legends is known for its award-wining Tiger pour, the evening was all about the cocktails.

They do pride themselves on not skimping out on quality, and it's a nice change to see that translate to their drinks as well. There was no skimping on alcohol content, or substitution of quality ingredients to be found, ensuring that you'll be a very happy camper in the pursuit of hedonistic dining.

The Mojitos were primarily flavoured with rum (as they should be), without the overwhelming taste of bicarbonate that you tend to find in most places. Minty, refreshing, and rum soaked: Just what you need to continue eating all the bacon (accompanied by other ingredients such as rice and brownies) that you will be feasting on.

[Mojito (RM22)]

On the slightly more tart end of the spectrum, the Sex on the Beach delivers everything the cocktail should. It's fresh, fruity base did nothing to drown out the fact that it was loaded to the hilt with alcohol.

[Sex On The Beach (RM22)]

The Legendary Shadow is their signature cocktail, and it combines rum, gin, pineapple juice, and blackcurrant juice. If you're up for something that's a little less on the feminine side, this might be your best bet.

[Legendary Shadow (RM28)]

Legends wouldn't forget its patrons who stick to the basics and love their beer, because they highly encourage drinking your way through your work day with their daily special. From 3:30 - 5:30 pm every Monday to Friday, they have an offer of RM10 Tiger pints. So pop in for a late lunch, fire up your laptop, and end the workday on a high!

D Legends Bar (Non-Halal)

Opening Hours: 11:00 am - 1:00 am

Address: 24, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
               Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
               (Same row as Devi's Corner)

Contact Number: 03-7733 6270