Having a baby means having an infinite amount of laundry piled up, and anything that gets the job done quicker and better, is a definite plus in my book.

I've tried a few detergents for Megatron's laundry at this point, and while they've been satisfactory, I've finally found one I'm likely to stick with because it gets the job done with minimal effort on my part. 

[With Anti-Mite Dust Technology]

Tollyjoy's liquid laundry detergent contains an anti-mite dust formulation, which ensures that there's nothing lurking in the fibres that's going to irritate your little one's skin. Its claims also include stain removal, as well as the ability to repel future stains from embedding themselves on your baby's clothing. It's also been formulated to ensure that you can dry the clothing indoors without worry of mould spores growing on it. 

[Clove and Eucalyptus Essential Oils]

This is mildly scented, but very pleasantly so. It has a hint of mint to it from the eucalyptus essential oils, but the primary scent is that of cloves. If you aren't a fan of that scent, or your baby reacts badly to scents, I would avoid this detergent. However, I personally find it very pleasing because it lends a touch of freshness to the laundry. 

A little goes a long way with this detergent, and in doing her laundry once a week, I typically only have a medium load, which means this will last for ages. 

What I like about it is that it has an in-built stain removal ability, as well as a whitening effect on clothes. Before we stopped swaddling Megatron, her zip-up swaddles were a major issue in the stain department because she would try to self-soothe through them and they would land up absolutely disgusting around the collar.


While my modus operandi with these stains was to use dish detergent (trust me, it's magic!) to spot treat prior to washing, this saves me that whole step and allows me to just rub some into the stain prior to tossing it in the machine. 

[Medium Load of Laundry]

While the detergent doesn't remove the stain completely, the way dish detergent does, it certainly does a great enough job to keep my trauma at bay. As for preventing future stains from embedding themselves, I haven't noticed this to be the case; but since clean up is such a breeze, I'm not really complaining.


As you can see, the stains have lightened significantly after wash with just a small amount of detergent rubbed in prior to popping it in the laundry.
For comparison purposes, here's a picture of both her swaddles (same issue). On your right is the swaddle I popped into the laundry without rubbing detergent in first.

[Spot Treated (Left) v Non-Spot Treated (Right)]

There's definitely a huge difference, and it makes me a very happy camper! I would highly recommend this detergent, unless your baby is sensitive to scents. I've had no issues with Megatron on this front, not with it irritating her skin, so I'll be giving their powdered detergent a shot as well.

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