At some point last year, this was on sale in Guardian or Watsons for RM10 and it was an impulse purchase that's been sitting on my desk until I picked it up earlier this month and almost kicked myself!

Yes, spoiler alert: I love it!

[Silkygirl Magic BB White (RM19.90)]

[Hello, SPF!]

[Shade: 03 Medium]

Let's just pretend we can't see that the sponge is clearly used. Let's.

Now, my love for Silkygirl is no surprise. I reviewed their makeup remover, and everything else I've tried from them has been beyond fantastic (more reviews upcoming). I decided to put this to quite the test by using it (without touch-ups) to Johor and back on the same day.

[Blank Slate]

[Concealed Undereye Circles]

[BB Magic At Work]

[8:30 am]

While I didn't get the chance to take pictures over the course of the day, rest assured that I kept tabs on its progress. It didn't allow shine to break through for a good 4 hours, and that's saying a lot for me. 

There were also no specific patches of degradation which helped to maintain a reasonably even complexion.

[11:30 pm]

While it isn't the best foundation in the world, it's certainly one I intend to keep using because I'm quite happy with keeping it affordable for now. It's truly a product that surprised me, and has kept me very happy. It still can't replace my Laneige BB Cushion, but it will definitely remain in the rotation. I find this to be reasonably comparable to MAC's Studio Perfect compact (a review that is upcoming) which means I can stop purchasing that after close to a decade!

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