Of late, the vegan craze has run amok in KL, and for the most part it tastes like cardboard slathered in other unsavoury delicacies. Raisin' the Roof has turned that on its head, and proved me wrong on that front. I will admit that I first went in there and thought the only thing that looked palatable were the Sweet Potato Fries, but I was sorely mistaken. I have yet to try anything there that I wouldn't go back for, and I'll be reviewing them as a whole in another post. 

For now, though, let's talk tea! They launched their All-Day Afternoon Tea set last weekend, and I couldn't wait to try it. Essentially, it's 2 tiers of their best stuff in smaller portions. 

The tea set comes with four savouries, four desserts, and two drinks. While the savouries are standardised, you get to pick your four desserts from whatever is on display for the day.

[Choose Your Sweets]

[Flourless Sweet Potato Brownie]

[Raw Nutella Cake and Raw Orange Chocolate Cake]

[Red Velvet Cake and Pecan Pie]

[Snickers Bar]


[Superfood Balls]

[Mandatory Picture with Jeevart, The Enabler & Megatron]

I've tried almost every dessert at this point, and I can safely say that I would replace regular cake with them anytime. You truly don't miss regular refined flour and sugar with these, so as foreign as they sound, they're worth trying.

[All-Day Afternoon Tea (RM55)]

The Afternoon Tea Set is for 2 persons, and it's truly well worth it for you to get to try some of the best stuff on the menu.

[Dessert Tier]

[Raw Orange Chocolate Cake]

If you're a fan of the orange chocolate combination, you're going to want to order this. It's a dessert that isn't baked, and contains fresh orange juice. It really is absolutely delicious and it's possible that I've eaten two slices of this on my own before. Just be aware that when you take it away, you're going to have to refrigerate it because it will melt. 

[Raw Sweet Potato Brownie]

While I do love sweet potato, you can't even taste it in the brownie. It, too, isn't baked and has a slightly chewy texture from the coconut in it. It's extremely tasty, and if you're a fan of coconut, the slight hit of it will make you very happy.

[Purple Pecan Pie]

I know! When I first saw this months ago, I was a little taken aback, but it truly is my favourite dessert (although the introduction of the Orange Chocolate Cake might be fighting for first place). It's made of sweet potatoes, and is a very intriguing take on pecan pie. It's a definitive must-try!

[Snickers Bar]

Yes, it's a vegan version of a regular Snickers Bar that's healthier, and dare I say it, tastier. Addictive? Just as much so as the original!

The savouries are nothing to scoff at either. I've truly yet to try a dish I wasn't a fan of, but I was all too happy to see my favourite dish on the menu featured here!

[Savoury Tier]

Prior to this, I hadn't tried their Quinoa Feta Salad, but I was pleasantly surprised by how truly delicious it was. I'm not one to eat a salad as a meal replacement, but this had all the right components as opposed to just a compilation of grass. The feta and quinoa added a good bit of protein to it, while the pine nuts brought some much needed crunch. I would definitely order this in its full size. 

[Quinoa Feta Salad]

The Egg Mayo Sandwich here is worth trying as it's not as cloying as the traditional stuff because they've lightened up the mayo with a bit of yogurt. 

[Egg Mayo Sandwich]

Like I said, there isn't anything not worth trying on the menu, and this includes the Falafel Balls. They're packed with flavour, and while I haven't tried them in their wrap form, I'm positive I'm going to have to sometime soon. 

[Falafel Balls]

My ultimate favourite, and what I can't even stop myself from ordering everytime I go in, is the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Wrap. It's so, so good that all I can is that this is what you need to have when you go in! It's a touch spicy which adds a whole other dimension to the dish and makes me very happy. Pinata ate both of these and didn't leave any for me, though, because the last time we went in he tried my order and was sad I wouldn't share any more with him.

[Sweet Potato and Black Bean Wrap]

The Afternoon Tea comes with the choice of 2 drinks from their range of teas, coffees, cold brewed teas (+RM2) or smoothies (+RM5).

(Picture Credit: Raisin' the Roof FB)

Cold Brewed teas are new to the menu as well, and come in Hibiscus Blush or Green Tea. Since I still can't have caffeine, I opted for Hibiscus Blush, and it was the perfect thing for this weather. 

[Cold Brewed Hibiscus Blush Tea (+RM2)]

While I've never been a fan of fruit teas, this was really refreshing with just a touch of tartness to counteract the heat of the day. In the future I'll have to give the green tea a shot. 

[Iced Coffee with Low Fat Milk]


I also love their Choc-Peanut Butter Protein Shake, and if you're into Elvis, you need to get some in your life. It's choc-full (I had to) of banana, peanut butter, protein powder, almond milk and cacao nibs. 

[Choc-Peanut Butter Protein Shake (+RM5)]

While I love dark chocolate, the cacao nibs were a little too much for Pinata, so if you're not keen on anything over 60% cocoa, you might want to request that the omit the nibs. It's still absolutely delicious without them. 

They also have a range of ice-cream in the cafe, and it was banana for the day. It was tasty, but I've never been a fan of banana ice-cream, so I personally wouldn't order this particular flavour for myself. In any event, their ice-creams are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and free of refined sugars, so it's a reasonably healthy alternative to get your fix.

[Banana Ice-Cream (RM6.90)]

Raisin' the Roof also carries a range of teas, nut butters and granola for sale, so check out their selection in store. 

[Range of Teas, Granola and Nut Butters]

There's also a cooler of nut milks and cold-pressed juices in store. They're 50% off on Thursdays along with all the cakes on display as they're closed on Fridays, so that would be a good time to try out everything!

A review of their regular menu will be up soon too, so stay tuned!


  1. That's such a reasonable price for a while tea set! And the fact that it is a healthier alternative makes it even better value.
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