My last Althea haul contained a concealer, even though I had promised myself I would stop buying concealers. Story of my life! Sadly, this is not going to be a tale of triumph.

As I've mentioned before on my blog, my concealing needs are solely focused under my eyes, and so I was really excited to get hold of this.

With the price range, and brand recognition, it was such a promising purchase!

[Doe-Foot Applicator]

And so, I set out putting it through its paces.

[Blank Canvas]

[Base On]

[Missha Under Eye Brightener On]

Firstly, this only comes in two shades: Light Beige and Natural Beige. I opted for Natural Beige since it was the darker of the two, but it's still too light for me. Further, it's definitely not enough of a salmon shade to counteract my level of under eye darkness. 

Next up, the moment I put it on, it creased! This happened with each application, not just once. 

[12:00 nn]

Check out the crepe-y appearance up above. It could only get worse from here.

And it did.

[5:30 pm]

[7:30 pm]

By the end of the day, I wished I hadn't bothered with concealer at all. It looked far worse for wear than I thought it could. Between the creasing and feathering, and it being too light for me, this was an absolute fail. It's a little too thick to be an appropriate undereye product, which is a shame. I rather think it would work better as a regular concealer, or if you don't have lines under your eyes and are fairer than me.

Sadly, this was a total fail for me. 

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