Huckleberry has been around now, and I finally ventured in to try it out a couple of times. Excuse the pictures as they were all taken with my phone. 

The first time we headed over, we had brunch.

Pinata's standard order is the big breakfast for brunch, we he went with that. You get eggs (made in the style of your choosing), homemade baked beans, potato hash, sausages and bread with it. It's a Halal joint, so the sausages are made of chicken.


Since he always eats too quickly for me to try his food, I shall report that he was very happy with it (and probably happier that he didn't have to share). The portion was really big, but we're both big eaters. Under normal circumstances, this could work as a breakfast for 2 with pastry on the side. 

Next up, we have Banana French Toast. 

[Banana French Toast]

I didn't get a close-up of the beautifully caramelised bananas because, as you can see, it was already being attacked!

This was absolutely divine. Perfectly fluffy, caramelised French toast with toasted walnuts and bananas, drizzled with syrup. Delectable! I would go back just for this!

Unfortunately, their burger was a thorough let down. 


It tasted of nothing but salt, so I felt a bit like a horse licking a salt block. I don't know if it was an off day for the kitchen, but this was inedible. 

We went with others, but we got there late so their food was already in the process of consumption, but they were all really happy with their choices. An interesting addition to the menu is duck bacon as opposed to traditional beef bacon to replace the regular stuff.

The cinnamon bun looked absolutely amazing, and was said to be so. When you walk into Huckleberry, you're greeted by the sight of all these glistening pastries, and it can be hard to resist. The cinnamon bun is on my to-do list, and judging by my love of Cinnabon, if it's really that good, it might get a dedicated post of its own.

The next time I went in was for an impromptu dinner to avoid traffic.

Pinata went the healthy route and ordered juice.

[Mixed Fruit Juice feat. Starfruit]

The dehydrated starfruit on top was a really nice touch to break up the monotony of how the juice looked. It was delicious and contained some pineapple, though I couldn't decipher what else was in it, and I forgot to check the menu.

I went the decidedly decadent route and ordered a chocolate milkshake because I was starving and needed something to hold me.

[Chocolate Milkshake]

This was really sweet, but because it was cold, it was fantastic. If you need a huge milk chocolate/sugar kick, order this. It was so thick and creamy that Pinata described it as drinking melted soft serve. I prefer my chocolate darker, but this was really good for my sweet tooth.

[The Bird Waffles]

For our mains, Pinata ordered the chicken and waffles, and let me warn you that this requires 2 people to eat it (unless you're him). The portion was massive! It had huge hunks of perfectly seasoned chicken breast wrapped in a thin layer of crispy batter; fluffy inside-crisp on the outside waffles, all drizzled with the honey that comes on the side. Delicious!

[The Money Shot]

Please not that I'm the one doing the honey-drizzling because Pinata never adds condiments to his food, and I had to do it for him! 

The mild tang of the honey paired beautifully with the waffles and the juicy chicken. It was truly a work of art in itself. 

[Fish Tacos]

Since I got pregnant, I've had a hankering for fish tacos, and ignoring good judgment of avoiding cabbage because I'm feeding Megatron, I tucked into these happily. I found the portion a little small (or maybe I was just comparing it to Pinata's monster of a dinner), but maybe this is a tapas-style dish. They still could have been a little more generous with the fish because the homemade coleslaw overpowered the delicious, flaky fish completely. What a shame. They were even a little stingy with the lime wedges as they were so tiny. If the fish had been a little more present, this would be an absolute must order.

And finally, Pinata had a coffee. These days, I live vicariously through his coffee drinking ways. It's a very sad experience for me.


We're both coffee snobs, and we take the stuff very seriously. His assessment was that the beans were good, but the milk could be better.

I really do like Huckleberry. Their ambiance and food is lovely, and I would go back without hesitation (I want that cinnamon bun!), but they cut corners in the weirdest places, like milk and fish. Their menu is extremely inviting, and they aren't horrifically overpriced, which is good. Their pricing runs along the lines of most bistro-style joints at between RM20-30 for a main.

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