The 16th of June marked the second anniversary of Tollyjoy's very own Baby Day. It was a fun-filled celebration of those little screaming monsters that we're programmed to love so very much. 

[Celebrating Baby Day]

Upon registration, they had a little guess-the-numbers game going where we were to write down our guesses for how many M&Ms were in a baby bottle. I'm the worst at such things, but surprisingly, I wasn't insanely far off this time!

[Registration Counter]

The event was held in conjunction with a few other participants, namely Orphan Care and Sprouts.

[Other Participants]

As promised, a fun-filled day was delivered with different booths such as a photo booth, a massage area, and even a candy bar!

[Photo Booth]

The baby dress-up station was designed to look like a cosy room for your child, and it really was! It was filled with Tollyjoy goodies that were up for grabs when you got to spin the wheel.

[Baby Dress-Up Station]

[Spin the Wheel]

Spinners were picked at random, and I got to pick my own prize!

[A Cooler Bag for Me!]

There was even a massage booth where trials and vouchers were being given out.

[The Amante Booth]

If you're a parent, it goes without saying that you're always in dire need of a massage. We got a 5 minute neck and shoulder massage, and that was enough to loosen up my tight shoulders and make me feel a whole lot better. Amante is known for its massages, and they gave us a voucher for a free massage. I highly recommend their hot stone massage! It's absolutely amazing!

For those with older kids, there was even a play area with a ball pit and everything.

[Play Area]

No doubt, this would be the perfect distraction for you to sneak a massage in!

Baby Sensory was also at the event, and I'm glad they were! I had no idea such things existed in KL, and I'll go into it down below. 

[Baby Sensory Booth]

And because sugar is always a welcome addition, there was a candy bar with all sorts of goodies!

[Candy Buffet]

[Om Nom Nom Nom]

Before the event started, we got to peruse the stalls and have a chat with everyone. It was all very festive. Of course, some selfies were taken, too!

[Megatron and Me]

(I think she looks worried because I dressed her like a boy.)

We were then treated to a series of short sessions by the partners of the event.

[Tan Wee Keng - CEO, Tollyjoy]

It kicked off with Tan Wee Keng of Tollyjoy Corporation, Singapore explaining the basis of having Baby Day. It's a means of celebrating the little ones who are far too young to enjoy Children's Day, and this is the second year running.

[Lari Cannon - Trainer and Specialist, OrphanCARE Foundation]

OrphanCARE is amazing in that they deal with abandoned children, including babies. I had no idea that they had baby hatches in Malaysia until this event! A baby hatch is a little drop-off point where you can leave your unwanted babies anonymously. When I mentioned it to Pinata, he told me he saw one in KPJ Damansara when I delivered as well. Clearly I was in no state to notice such things at the time. It's a great alternative to leaving your baby in a dumpster or toilet dustbin as is the case in many situations. Ms. Lari mentioned that they have had no problems finding homes for these babies, so they really are doing an amazing job. Learn more about OrphanCARE here

We were then treated to a talk by a baby sleep specialist from Sprouts

[Sarah Ong - Certified Baby Sleep Specialist, Sprouts]

Ms. Ong is the first certified baby sleep specialist with three kids of her own. As with all good science, she tested her skills out on her own kids, and they worked remarkably well. This was of particular interest to me because I'm reaching the point where Megatron is going to need sleep training. She is not an advocate of the "cry it out" method of sleep training, and believes that you should let your child cry out their feelings, but not leave them alone. She advocates holding them as you withdraw their sleep associations, and that's a far gentler approach that would appeal to many people. She recommends a five step sleep training programme that includes play before bedtime, and a bonding session that allows your child to voice their feelings from the day. It's a very interesting approach, and you can learn more about it on her website

Finally, there was a more hands-on session by Baby Sensory that allowed parents to participate.

[Early Learning Demonstration with Baby Sensory]

It was very fascinating to see the approach they take to learning in babies in that they believe that gestures should be accompanied by words to provide a visual element to language. Assuredly, this helps keep children engaged since they are very visual creatures. 

In their classes, they use music, puppets, and parental involving to create a stimulating environment for your baby. Definitely something I'm keen to check out.

[Puppet Show by Baby Sensory]

[Parachute Time with Baby Sensory]

They even furnished us with a voucher for one free session, so I'm excited to check them out. They have a few branches littered around KL, so take a look if you're keen to try it out for your baby.

By the end of it all, Megatron was completely gone from all the novelty and excitement. 

[One Passed Out Baby]

Oh, the joys of being a baby!

Tollyjoy's Baby Day is an annual event, so follow them on Facebook to see what's up next. There's even a competition that's running until the 30th of June where you can enter a wish for your baby, and stand the chance to win a Tollyjoy hamper!

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