If you have a baby, and no dishwasher, you'll know that washing bottles is the most annoying task on the planet because there are so many constituent parts that need to be thoroughly cleaned. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot out there about what you should be using, so I'm on a quest to find my preferred cleanser for the little one.

I stumbled across this cleanser in Mothercare, and thought i would be worth a shot. After all, the bear on it looks happy enough. 

[Buds Bottle and Utensil Cleanser (RM 38)]

The main thing that bothers me about this cleanser is that there are no capital letters, other than the brand name. I feel like this will put my child on a journey to grammatical ineptitude. However, since she can barely focus her eyes, I'm sure this won't be an issue as yet.

This is described as an all natural cleanser derived from plants (specifically, aloe vera), and has a light tangerine scent.

[Gentle Yet Effective]

It's nice that it has a fresh scent, but it get cloying after you've washed your third bottle. I would have preferred that it wasn't scented, but it helps that it really doesn't stick to the bottles once they've been rinsed out. 

[Foams Up Lightly]

While it does foam up, it isn't excessive, and despite my qualms about the grammar and scent on this product, it's actually pretty good.

I simply don't have time to soak the bottles and I haven't done so to date, but with the use of this and the Avent cleaning brush, the bottles have always come out squeaky clean with no residue on them.

One major drawback on this is the price. It's RM 38 for 500 ml, and I'm not one to stinge on how much dish soap I'm using because I'm very anal about my dishes. It's a good product, but not one I would go back to until I've tried a few others and determined that it's the best product on the market. 

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