Little Hera is now almost 3 months old, and I think it's time I reviewed a product that's been invaluable to us. In fact, it's the very first baby-related item to acquired because swaddling looked far too complicated for me to ever do effectively.

And I was right, too! This was the result of swaddling her, no matter how effectively it was done.



This happened every single night. And no, it wasn't because it was incorrectly wrapped, it's because this child simply refuses to be contained. It's how she kicked her way out of me 6 weeks early!

Then came the velcro swaddle:

[Safe and Secure]

[Fast Asleep]

[Hello Hands!]

If she had thought bubbles to interpret her behaviour, I imagine we'd be seeing, "FREEDOM!" a la Braveheart!

And so, in came the Woombie! It's been one of the most effective tools at keeping her contained and in one position. Often with her other swaddles, if her head is trapped by the neck pillow, her entire body will move to place her neck in an awkward position. She enjoys seeing how far she can twist her neck before she snaps it.

["Help! I'm caught!"]

The good thing about the Woombie is that it has two zippers so you don't need to remove it to change their diapers. 

["How Will I Escape Now"]

It's absolutely essential for the clasp to be secured to keep them in, however. While it may look like she's uncomfortable, she's really not. The material is incredibly stretchy and allows for a range of movement. 

[Baby Containment Unit]

While the top is extremely secure to keep their hands contained, it tapers down to compress the stomach slightly for additional comfort, and then loosens up to allow the legs to move freely, thereby preventing hip dysplasia. It's an incredibly well thought out design! The cushions by the side are sewn onto the Woombie to prevent them from getting detached and being a suffocation hazard. It also ensures that they are kept in place and can't roll or move in any direction. 

[The Struggle Begins]

It's highly entertaining to see the entire Woombie moving when she's struggling to get her hands out. She even struggles in her sleep, so we often hear her grunting and straining, but she's not even awake. I stand by my assessment that babies are the weirdest creatures around. 

While it's extremely secure, if the size you purchase is a tad big, they may be able to get a hand out.


Seriously, Houdini has nothing on this child. The other night Pinata found her feet out. She had somehow unzipped the bottom of the Woombie and woke herself up in celebration of her impending freedom.

It comes in multiple sizes, including Preemie, but since I wasn't expecting her early, I bought the newborn size, which was why she could sneak her little fist out of the neckhole by straining her neck a little. 

If nothing else, it has provided us with endless hours of entertainment watching her try to escape, and vandalising her pictures. 

[Hello, Clarice...]

The only drawback to this particular model of the Woombie is that it's a little tougher to rock her to sleep in it. It's definitely possible, but it's a little cumbersome. It's easier to rock her to sleep, then wrestle her into it, although she fights me in her sleep as well, as you can see below:

[A Demonstration of How to Get them Contained]

The Woombie plus is now on clearance on their site too! If you're not too keen on the attached bolsters, I still highly recommend their regular Woombies. However, do get the Woombie Air as it has a breathable mesh fabric square as you see with this to lower the risk of suffocation even more. 


  1. omg Hera you're just like me when I was small, haha! my mom said no matter how she swaddled me, i will definitely get out of it. i hate being restrained/restricted since my baby days XD

    1. Were you? Hahaha that sounds adorable! I'm sure she would have loved this if they had it back then!

  2. Hello Clarice...hahahahaha

    1. It's all I can think of when I see that pic!

    2. It's all I can think of when I see that pic!

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