They say that a penny saved is a penny earned, and I'm very much into earning; so I feel like I should shop more (Don't question my logic).

[All My Addictions Under One Roof]

It truly is the one stop shop for all your needs. If you shop online, it's barely any effort to engage ShopBack to get rebates on your purchases. The amount of rebate you receive depends on the company you're shopping with, and whether there's a promotion ongoing that gives you additional rebates. 

On the opening page itself, you'll see the Top Deals of the Day, so keep your eyes peeled:

[Top Deals of the Day]

It truly is as simple as it gets, and half the time I shop off my desktop because I wouldn't waste a good rebate! The trick to it is  to ensure you go through the ShopBack site to the company site. 

For example, one of the places I shop on a lot is Lazada. They give you a short description on the rebates available for the company of choice, and you proceed from there.

[Lazada: What Do You Hold For Me?]

On the right of your screen, you'll even be given an estimate of how long your rebate will take to appear in your account, and how long before you can access it to be sent to your bank account. 

Once you're satisfied that you'll be getting a great deal, you just click "Shop Now", and if you're not signed in (which you need to be for the rebate to be credited to you!), it will prompt you to sign into the site.

[Login Screen]

One of my most visited ShopBack-able merchants is Foodpanda, and I'm pretty sure the majority of my ShopBack dollars are from them!

[Just Looking at this Makes Me Hungry]

If you're already logged in to your ShopBack account, it will take you right to the site without the login prompter.

[Login Through the Newly Opened Tab]

From what I've seen, logging into the merchant site after clicking through does not affect your rebate, so don't fret!

Back when Luxola was still around, I absolutely loved that you could get discounts on the items AND a cash back, and since Sephora has taken over, they're on ShopBack as well. We all know the prices reflected here are a little on the high side, so the fact that there's a cash back available is quite a perk. There are additional rebates and coupons available on the site from time to time, so use Sephora coupons and earn cashback!

[Sephora Has a Higher Cash Back if You're a New Customer]

Besides Sephora, however, there are a ton of other beauty sites to be found! You can enjoy savings on beauty deals from companies such as Maybelline, SKII, elf, Stila and even Althea! 

Yes, my latest obsession has been Althea, and the fact that you get ShopBack on top of the already low prices, is amazing! A whopping 7% too!

[Althea: Accessible, Affordable Korean Skincare & Beauty Products]

My latest ShopBack discovery, though, is by far my favourite, and one I will be back with a review on when I finally get round to trying it out!

AMAZON! Yes, Amazon USA! There's a difference here because it isn't cash back for your purchases, but rather on ShopBack's personal shipping service. 

[Now The World is Truly at My Fingertips]

The way it works is that you have your Amazon shipment sent to ShopBack in the US, and they will ship it to you for a very reasonable fee (RM45 for the first 0.5kg; RM15 for every 0.5kg thereafter), AND you get 10% back on the shipping rate.

I would pay full price for this service itself, so the rebate is absolutely icing on the cake!

I've yet to test it out though, so I will soon return with a review on how that goes.

Of course, you'll want to keep track of all your earnings, so it's laid out for you in a very user friendly manner.

[Cashback Details]

Yes, you even get additional bonuses for everyone you invite, so don't forget to send out your affiliate link to all and sundry!

[Perks of Referral]

There is a little caveat, however. There are times when the cash back isn't accurately reflected, and the amount you're meant to receive doesn't tally. In that case, you can simply lodge a report with them under "Missing Cashback" and they'll rectify the situation.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the use of ShopBack, and everytime I get a little something back, I feel so happy! 

Check them and all of the merchants who are onboard out now, and make yourself feel that much better on the 4 am shopping spree you plan to go on since ShopBack provides discounts for online shopping. 


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