Early this year, Mentholatum (the very same people who brought you Lip Ice and Sunplay) launched a new range of skincare, and courtesy of The Butterfly Project, we got to experience the all natural range first hand.

Botanics is meant to be an inexpensive alternative to the vast sea of natural skincare out there, and it's formulated to suit a multitude of skincare needs. 

[Range of Face Wash]

Botanics offers a variety of options for all skin types and preferences, but at present there are only cleansers and sheet masks available. 

[Who Doesn't Need a Mask in this Weather?!]

The launch was held in 1Utama, and to go with the all natural theme, we were treated to a tisane bar! 

[The Tisane Bar]

[What's Your Cuppa?]

We were sent home with a little crate of goodies, and I got to try the range out for myself. 

What's interesting is that there are various different kinds of cleanser available in terms of skin type and cleanser preference. 

There are 4 different ranges available: Deep Cleansing, Hydra Whitening, Hydrating and Pore Refining. 

[Hydrating Face Wash, Deep Clean Face Wash, Whitening Foaming Face Wash]

It's actually been over 3 months since I've gotten this range and in that time I've managed to try it out with both dry (during pregnancy) and oily skin (post-pregnancy).

[Deep Cleansing Range: Oily/Combination Skin]

The Deep Cleansing range comes in 2 forms: the tube and the pump. The difference between the two is primarily in the initial texture of the product, though they do function in a similar fashion when used. [Check out the Pinata's hand modelling skills!]

[Deep Cleansing Face Wash 100ml (RM 14.90)]

[Deep Cleansing Pump Wash 150ml (RM 21.90)]

The latter has a more running texture, and foams up a little more. This range caters to those with problem skin such as excess oil and acne as it contains tea tree and ylang ylang. 

On the whole, I found this range a bit too stripping for both my dry and oily skin. It would definitely be a product to look into if you suffer from acne, but if it's just run of the mill oily/combination skin, you might find it a tad too stipping. It does contain the slightly medicated scent of tea tree, but nothing too overpowering like some of the other products out there. 

[Whitening Foaming Face Wash: All Skin Types 160ml (RM 25.90)]

The whitening foam wash smells heavenly with the scent of fresh roses! I've never been a fan of foam cleansers, but because this is one of those foam cleansers that starts off as a liquid in the container, and turns into foam when you pump it out, it wasn't too bad. It's extremely gentle on the skin, and does leave you feeling cleaner than most of the foam cleansers on the market. It isn't overly stripping either. If you have sensitive skin, this might be a good option for you.

[Hydrating Face Wash: Dry/Combination Skin 100ml (RM14.90)]

Out of the range that I tried, the Hydrating Face Wash was my favourite product. While it felt a little too stripping (even though it is meant to cater to dry/combination skin) when I had dry skin, it worked better for me when my skin re-calibrated and became oily again. It still leaves it feeling a little tight, but not uncomfortably so. It contains calendula and jasmine as its key ingredients, and I thoroughly enjoy the scent of it. 

There are 5 masks available:

  • Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask
  • Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant Mask
  • Rosemary Pore Refining Mask
  • Lavender for Soothing Mask
  • Rosehip Oil Brightening Mask

[Rosehip Oil Brightening Facial Mask (RM 6.90)]

Rosehip is really good for skin renewal, and so I was quite happy to try this out. It's a decent face make which did leave my skin feeling both hydrated and slightly brighter (though that happens with hydration as well). 


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