I owned this mask quite a number of years ago, and I remember it being far too rich for my skin. However, having gone through a rather drastic change of skin type during pregnancy, I decided to give it another go because my skin was dry, itchy and flaky.

[Burt's Bees' Intense Hydration Treatment Mask with Clary Sage]

When I bought this, I was told that it could actually be used as an overnight treatment should you choose to, and so I gave that a shot too.

Yes, while pregnant I did join the ranks of those who are paranoid about what goes on their skin, and so Burt's Bees was a decidedly safe choice to ensure I wasn't absorbing anything subcutaneously that could harm Megatron.

[Thick and Soothing]

The mask comes out of the tube extremely thick with a soothing scent that calms you immediately.

It smoothes over the skin beautifully, though, and the difference in effect between oily and dry skin was rather stark.

When I used this with oily skin, it didn't sink in as quickly despite the fact that I've always suffered from dehydrated skin. Yes, your skin can be oily AND dehydrated. Oil and water are not the same thing. Once it was removed after the recommended time span, it left my skin feeling more hydrated, but also slightly greasy. Let alone the overnight use of the mask. I woke up feeling like an oil slick! A well-hydrated oil slick, but one nonetheless. 

However, it's use for dry skin (as it is suggested for) is spectacular. My skin pretty much drank it in, and I went as far as to add more at some point. Leaving it on overnight relieved the dry itchiness and was such utter relief for the desert my skin had become.

If you suffer from dry skin, you really should give this a shot. It's an excellent mask for its intended purpose. Those of you who feel the need to try it with oily skin like I did, don't see I didn't warn you. I hated it back then and even gave it away!

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