Can you believe that The Butterfly Project is 3 years old? It's amazing! And we got to celebrate it with Althea at Delectable Cafe at The Glasshouse. It was an event to behold with all the things I love: Food, friends and financial ruin!

Since it was held at Delectable Cafe, a gorgeous branch of Delectable by Su, you just know the food was to die for. I was a little too excited about seeing the spread upon entering. I kept eyeing the gorgeous golden pastries and legendary buttery desserts. It's making me want to make another trip there, just talking about it.

[Delicious Curry Puffs]

Amid the array of sweets, these savoury and mildly spicy curry puffs were extremely welcome. They were spectacularly delicious with flaky pastry and an incredibly boldly spiced filling. I could eat the entire tray given half the chance! I'm not a fan of curry puffs that are stodgy with thick, doughy pastry, so these were heaven with every bite!

[Scrumptious Egg Salad Tarts]

The creamy egg salad paired beautifully with the slight bite the tart shells provided, and these were equally as good. I really do need to go back!

[Chocolate Fountain, Cookies and Meringue Tarts]

Seriously, if you haven't had the cookies from Delectable, you need to take a surfing break and go get some now. They're some of the best cookies I've had in this country, and you're missing out if you've not experienced them. 

Even with all that deliciousness, I think the icing on the cake were the edible terrariums. They were absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to get a large spoon to eat them out of the jar!

[Edible Terrariums]

[Just for the Occasion!]

Truly, does this not make you need chocolate in your life?

Speaking of sweet things, check out this pool donut! 

[Pool Donut]

I'm reasonably sure buying one of these is necessary. 

Upon entering, we were registered and handed a box of goodies including this adorable little apron!

[Aprons at the Ready]

And we were, of course, tucked away into the corner with the best lighting for all these pics!

[Our Little Corner of Heaven]

[Maggie, Carol and Samia]

Delectable Cafe serves a varied menu of interesting concoctions, and I opted for the Kiwi Lemonade.

[Kiwi Lemonade Deliciousness]

I was not disappointed! In this heat, it was a very welcome burst of freshness.

And so we were ready for Phase 1 of the event. 

[And so it begins...]

Each of us arrived with our very own BB cushions to be decorated with adorable little miniatures from Malaysia Clay Art. Now, I'm far from artistically inclined (as you will see when you scroll below), but the process was incredibly easy! You pop some "frosting" (adhesive of some kind) onto your BB cushion and place the little bits and bobs on it to stick. Let it dry for a bit so it doesn't slip and slide, and then a further 24 hours to adhere completely.

Everyone had an absolute blast as well! I may have cheated and stolen the little food miniatures from others!

[Carol and her artwork that looked good enough to eat!]

[Carol's BB Cushion]

[Isn't Samia's cushion as beautiful as she is?]

Yes, I pretended my cushion was a result of liking simplicity, but I'm truly not artistically-inclined. This was the result of my 5-minute decoration skills:

[Keeping It Simple]

[The Extent of My Artistic Vision]

Coincidentally, this BB cushion by Laniege is amazing and review is upcoming!

There were a couple of fun, ongoing competitions held throughout the event as well, because competition just makes everything that much more fun! We got to compete on event selfies, best BB cushion decor, as well as on the best shopping selfies.

Shopping? Yes! It wouldn't be an Althea event without a bit of shopping, would it?

In celebration of The Butterfly Project's 3rd anniversary, Althea gave each of us in attendance RM150 in credit to shop on the site. Why RM150? Because that's the magic number at which you get free shipping!

How exciting was it? Amazingly! Of course, I have a wishlist a mile long on Althea, and we were given half an hour to shop at the event. What did I get? It's going to be revealed in an upcoming post because we did something different this time. Sneak Preview: It may involve Carol!

We also got to decorate our own cookies, and once again, the extent of my artistic skills came into question. This is why I bake muffins instead of cupcakes!

A cookie sandwich? Yes, please!

[Cookie Decor]

Yes, I slotted a chocolate cookie between two chocolate chip peanut cookies (my favourite!) and stole a butterfly from the terrarium, as well as that other bit on the side. Rest assured I ate all of it too. They were as delicious piled onto each other, as  they were individually. I'm just not going to comment on how many cookies I ate that day. Next question, please. 

It truly was an event to remember, as The Butterfly Project's events always are. Between the company and all the fun, well thought out activities, no one left without a huge smile on their face!

Added perk: I even got a little prize for one of my selfies!

My haul from the tea party can be found here.

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