Watsons Launches Baby Naturals!

You may have seen a very attractive, brightly coloured display in Watsons over the last couple of months...

[The Baby Naturals Range]

And they've finally officially launched it, so we got a sneak peek into the philosophy behind the products.

Introducing Baby Naturals by Watsons. An organic range that's free of all the nasties that we've seen highlighted in baby products in the news of late. It's a range I was already considering for Hera (yes, the baby who kicked her way out of me 6 weeks early) when I was shopping for a viable option. I settled on a different range of products, but after hearing more about the range Watsons has put out, I'm rather inclined to give it a shot as well. The instincts of a shopaholic are not to be meddled with!

[All Natural and Formulated in Australia]

As the event kicked off, before we could get down to the science behind the products, we were treated to a little dance number by a group called, "Fairy Angels".

[The Fairy Angels Dancing Their Little Hearts Out]

As the launch continued, we were included in a testimonial-based segment by Chui Ling, a local celebrity, who recently had twins. 

[Chui Ling: Watsons' Celebrity Friend]

While she said she was very happy with the range in general, she was particularly enamoured by the massage oil because it stopped an essential family feud between her older relatives and her husband as to whether they should use the traditional Chinese massage oil. Watsons 1 : 0 Lack of scientific backing!

The next speaker was Datin Dr Meera Thalayasingam who is a consultant paediatrician specialising in immunology and allergies. Definitively the right person you want endorsing a product used on humans who are just entering the world.

[Datin Dr Meera Thalayasingam]

She's even published a paper which researched the benefits of infant massage, and this falls in line with current medical research that shows that massage is extremely beneficial for all babies, including the premature lot. Where preemies are concerned, massage has been proven to keep them healthier and help them gain weight quicker. 

Of course, massaging a baby is not something you're going to want to do without any frame of reference. It just wouldn't do to go all out grinding your knuckles into a newborn's foot. It was good, then, that we were treated to a demonstration by Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness on the correct technique for baby massage. 

[Baby Massage Demo]

Essentially, baby massages are meant to last for a duration of 30 minutes, and it promotes the health of the baby as well as bonding between parent and child. If you'd like to check out the proper technique, check out the video of the demonstration:

[Baby Massage Demonstration]

[All Smiles for a Promising Range]

As you may have noticed, Calendula is the key ingredient in the entire range. It was chosen for its gentle healing properties, and formulated into products which do not contain parabens, silicone, mineral oils, alcohol or colourants - Essentially anything that has the potential to irritate your baby's sensitive skin. The range isn't extensive, but it does cover the spectrum of wellness products you require for your baby. Perhaps they'll add sunscreen to their range soon!
[Calendula Hair & Body Wash (RM 27.90)]

Quite frankly, bathing a baby is enough work without having to worry about a separate shampoo and body product so these 2-in-1 products are an absolute must! 
[Calendula Lotion (RM 27.90)]
[Calendula Moisturising Cream (RM 19.90)]

The difference between the Lotion and Moisturising Cream is essentially the consistency. The Lotion is a lighter formulation that absorbs quickly while the Moisturising Cream is thicker and richer, providing a more intense moisturising effect. 
[Calendula Massage Oil (RM 19.90)]

Their massage oil is meant to absorb quickly into the skin so you can massage the baby after their bath without worrying that it will clog their skin or leave them all greasy. Babies are quite messy enough! With traditional massage oils like J&J or coconut oil, they definitely require a bath after because it leaves a greasy film, and in the case of the latter, a rather unmistakable smell. I'm definitely curious as to whether this does absorb effectively enough for me not to want to scrub the baby down right after application.

[Baby Essentials!]

While I am already a fan of these mini baby wipes packs, I've yet to try out the Baby Naturals range. I'll definitely be back with reviews on them once I've given them a test run. It's very convenient that I have a brand spanking new guinea pig who no one can understand even if she protests!