Sri Lanka Haul: Dilmah & Spa Ceylon

Back in December I was in Sri Lanka for a holiday for a few days. Naturally, I ran amok buying infinite amounts of tea. However, a hidden gem of Sri Lanka's is Spa Ceylon...a luxury ayurvedic brand that sells some truly fantastic spa-esque products. 

While tea in Sri Lanka is generally cheap as chips, I am fully stocked with those boxes and so I picked up some of the more special blends that are a rarity here. They're also infinitely more expensive when you buy them outside Sri Lanka because they're of spectacular quality.

Let's start with tea shall we? By all means, pause here and go brew yourself a cup! I know I did before sitting down to write this!

First off, I bought myself some camomile teabags. I know, camomile doesn't qualify as tea, but I've had to cut my caffeine intake due to the pregnancy. Dilmah's camomile is comprised of the actual flowers so the flavour is absolutely divine. 

[Dilmah Tea: Nuwara Eliya Loose Leaf Tea (Rs. 680/RM 19) and Pure Camomile Flowers Teabags (Rs. 210/RM 6)]

On top of that, I got a massive tin of Nuwara Eliya single origin tea. Nuwara Eliya is one of the higher regions in Sri Lanka that grows premium tea and this was an absolutely massive canister of the stuff! To give you a bit of a reference, 1 teabag traditionally contains 2g of tea, and this canister has 175g of tea! Really good, full-bodied black tea. So much love!

Then, I popped by the Dilmah tea lounge (or t-lounge), where it's like the tea equivalent of a coffee house, but with infinitely more options. There, I picked up a few canisters of their premium tea.

[These are practically decorative items!]

[Dilmah's Supreme Ceylon Single Origin (Rs. 500/RM 14)]

[Dilmah's Finest Ceylon Tippy FBOPF (Rs. 800/RM 23)]

[Dilmah's Prince of Kandy (Rs. 500/RM 14)]

[Dilmah's Jade Butterfly Handmade White Tea (Rs. 1560/RM 45)]

I'm particularly excited about this last canister because I've tried their Jasmine Silver Tips and it was spectacular. I'm curious as to what this has to offer! Isn't it fantastic that each canister comes with a description of the type of tea contained within as well as detailed brewing instructions? While RM 45 may sound excessive for tea, you should really head to TWG and look at THEIR white tea prices. TWG is disgustingly overrated and overpriced. 

Next up, a bit of luxury spa-ing. Now, Spa Ceylon is available in a number of countries worldwide, but it's cheaper in Sri Lanka...because...well, it's Ceylon! 

[Mostly Gifts]

I've yet to be disappointed by something I've tried from them and I'm a happy camper with this haul. The products are formulated with their roots in ayurvedic treatment (which is not exactly Indian witch doctor stuff, but close!), and so have health benefits specific to their individual purposes.

[Spa Ceylon's Body & Pillow Mist (Rs. 1600/RM 46 each)]

While I adore thisworks' Pillow Spray, it retails at upwards of RM 100 and this is less than half the price. It contains a whole host of other essential oils on top of the predominant lavender found in the thisworks variety. The only difference with this is that you want to use it sparingly because it can get very overpowering, very quickly. It's lovely in moderation though. 

[Spa Ceylon's Shower Gel Set (Rs. 2000/RM 58)]

Why get one when you can them all? I couldn't decide, so I bought mini sized shower gels! 

[Spa Ceylon's Forest Trail Hand Wash (Rs. 1800/RM 52)]

Why not do some good while keeping your hygiene level up? Sri Lanka has an elephant orphanage/sanctuary and this product sends some funds their way. 

As mentioned above, these were mostly gifts because my hoarder's stash is still going strong and I simply cannot justify the acquisition of more products for myself, but I've used the following two items in the past and been very happy with them!

[Spa Ceylon's Neroli Jasmine Aromaveda Hair Nourishing Balm (Rs. 2000/RM 58)]

Hair mask anyone? There is only one right answer! This smells absolutely divine in a very natural way. It doesn't have the chemical scents associated with most hair masks on the market which makes it very soothing to use as a treatment. It's also safe for use on the scalp, so that you're getting to the root of the problem (sorry, I had to).

It really does help that these products are all natural, which is a  theme in Sri Lanka. Even milk there doesn't last more than a couple of days before going bad. It's a good place for nature to take over!

[No Nasties]

[Spa Ceylon's Tea & Spice Body Scrub (Rs. 1850/RM 53)]

Love a good scrub? Love tea? Combine the two, why don't you? An excellent, properly scrub-by scrub too! My favourite aspect of the scent on this is sandalwood, something I tend to be partial to.

Not so shamefully, I spent so much that they gave me an entire kit of deluxe sample sized stuff free! 

[Pretty Waffle-Weave Bag Containing Gifts]

The little bag the stuff came in is actually something I'd use. It's of excellent quality and the inside is waterproof so you can wipe it down if there are spills. Plus, it contained some lovely treasures!

[Sachets: White Jasmine Facial Scrub & Masque, Sleep Therapy Cleansing Bar, Sleep Therapy Body & Pillow Mist, Sleep Therapy Massage & Bath Oil, Sleep Therapy Hydrating Butter, Sleep Therapy Bath & Shower Gel]

An incredibly nice gift set to try out the rest of the stuff in the Sleep Therapy well as a scrub and masque! Your ultimate pampering kit.

And how cute is the little pillow spray? It's perfect for travel!

[Size Reference]

While at first glance, this stuff may seem a little pricey, for their quality and innovation they're actually incredibly reasonable. Plus, it's exorbitantly priced anywhere outside Sri Lanka!
innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum

This is a product I picked up when Althea first launched back in June, and it's a serum I've almost used up.

[innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum (RM 67)]

[Althea's Info Sheet]

What this serum endeavours to do is to boost and maintain hydration and moisture levels in skin. As far as these claims go, I can safely say it's a very effective serum on both counts. My skin definitely feels more comfortable and plumped up when I use it. 

It's quite lightweight in terms of texture, so it does sink in very easily, and doesn't leave a sticky residue. 

[Light and Runny]

Those of you who are sensitive to fragrances might want to take note that it has a citrus-y scent, though it's not strong enough to irritate anything but the most sensitive of skins. 

I did manage a bit of a feat with this serum. My pregnancy has caused my skin to go from extremely oily to on the dry side, and I had the opportunity to try it out through both those issues. I'm happy to note that when I was oily it didn't exacerbate the problem. It left my skin feeling well hydrated, but not oily. With my present dry skin, it definitely helps with retaining moisture as well. Overall, it's a serum that would work across the board for any skin type.

The reason why I wouldn't repurchase this is because I'm not in my 30s and this is just not going to cut it for the anti-aging aspect. It's a wonderful serum for someone in their late teens and early 20s as a starter product, but if you're on the wrong side of 25, you should really be using anti-aging products. 

It's a lovely serum, and I would definitely recommend it to those of you who have younger skin and/or need a boost of moisture and hydration. And with the price, you absolutely cannot go wrong!