Yes, I've been MIA for ages and I genuinely appreciate the multitude of messages received from those of you who have been concerned.

This is just going to be a quick post explaining what's been going on, and regular programming will resume later this week.

In short, I'm now almost 5 months pregnant and it was a bit of a tough few months. I'm finally almost back to normal, which means I can actually do stuff that doesn't involve lying miserably on the couch and staring at the wall.

It's been a long, arduous journey with this baby - Trust me when I say that pregnancy is the most horrifying experience ever. Anyone who loves being pregnant has the strongest sense of denial known to man. Every single day, I discover more trauma associated with the condition!

That is all for now! Welcome back to me, and a post will be up within the next couple of days. Since my pregnancy cravings have fully set in, expect lots more food reviews!


  1. Congratulations Dearest Pita!!! Can't wait to read more updates as your pregnancy progresses

    1. Thank you Sharon! Missing you tons!

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