The inevitable has happened, and Urban Decay has launched a range of completely covet-worthy blushes. I thought I could resist until I walked into Sephora and swatched it. Even before hitting the store, I knew I wanted the bright orange shade. For some reason, whenever Summer rolls around and orange start popping up in makeup, I want it all. As evidence of this, in the last week alone, I have purchased 3 makeup items which are almost the exact shade of the blush I purchased.

First, however, let's take a look at the entire collection:

[Photo Taken From Temptalia]

[Urban Decay's Afterglow Blushes]

Does this not make you weak at the knees? Do you not need them all in your collection? Yes, yes you do. They may look extremely freakishly pigmented, and they are, but they look gorgeous when applied in the right manner. 

Let's backtrack a little and talk about the packaging on these.

As with all urban Decay products, the packaging runs to the slightly anarchist side which has snuck its way into our hearts. It's all sleek lines and metallics.

The blush is encased in a beautiful gunmetal compact that has inlaid mesh with their signature symbol etched in glass.

[How Beautiful is This?]

All I can think of now is how beautiful it would be to have the entire collection lined up on my beauty desk. The only drawback to the packaging is that it is prone to attract fingerprints; but it's also easily wiped off.

Now, take a deep breath and exhale nice and slow...

[Urban Decay's Afterglow Blush in Bang (RM 98)]

I will readily admit that I caught my breath a bit when I first swatched this. It's so absolutely gorgeous! If you're afraid of orange, please don't be. Especially those of you who have a skin tone similar to mine, the colour is extremely flattering. 

I will not tell you that this is going to be a blush you put on with your regular blush brush and run out the door with, because that would be a blatant lie. With colours this vivid, you need to use a very fluffy, tapered brush that barely picks up product. You want a whisper of it, unless you plan to resemble a clown. 

However, for those of you willing to go with the more stark look, use a duo fibred brush, and blend the heck out of it. 

[MAC 187]

That is what I did in this picutre:

[Bang Flushed and Blended with a Duo-Fibre Brush]

However, if you want an everyday, wearable look with such a bright blush, use a more tapered brush that doesn't pick up much colour, such as what I gravitate towards:

[e.l.f.'s Small Tapered Brush]

The effect this gives is a softer, wash of colour that is far easier to blend than with a duo-fibre brush.

[Bang Softly Applied with a Tapered Brush]

Let me know if you guys would like a bit of a tutorial on how to apply these highly pigmented bright shades. They're gorgeous if you work them right!

I am really impressed by the formula on these blushes. As with everything but the Naked palettes, Urban Decay brought their A-game. It's smooth and buttery, but it doesn't blend like a breeze if you use a less dense brush such as the duo-fibre. This went on a little patchy at first and I had to pull out a kabuki brush to tone it down and blend it better. Just be warned that you will have to work with the brighter shades a little, but they're well worth it. However, when I used  the tapered brush, it blended like a breeze simply because there was less colour applied to begin with. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend tapping the excess off the brush prior to application because it's all too easy to go overboard.

I'm already eyeing a few more of these, and they run roughly the same price here as they do in the States, so they're worth picking up. More? Yes, please! I want them all!


  1. Oh my, the whole range is beautiful! I'm so tempted but I have three dozen blushes!
    Coral suits you so much, Pita.

    1. Updated the post a bit on application.

      If you swatch these, I doubt you'll be able to resist. I think you need to wait till their 20% off kicks in to do so to avoid bankruptcy. I've been avoiding entering Sephora because I could quite frankly just pick them all up with no regrets, and then I'll be a homeless person with all the shades in the collection!