Does anyone else hate Tiger Medicated Oil? Because I do! The smell makes me nauseous, which is the direct opposite of the effect it's meant to have!

And so, when I discovered that this works has their very own offering of the stuff, I jumped right in. Nothing from the brand has failed me thus far, and I was sure this wouldn't either!

[this works' deep sleep stress less (Travel Size)]

The best thing about this is that it smells like the rest of their Deep Sleep range - Of lavender! Yes, there's an underlying scent of medicated oil, but not enough to deter me because the top notes of lavender permeate the scent quite thoroughly.

It's also far more convenient than anything else on the market because it comes with a roller ball for ease of application.

[Roller Ball for Ease of Application]

I use this primarily for headaches, and it truly does work. It's a saviour that does not leave my bag because I frequently get headaches from caffeine withdrawal. When I've encountered the occasional bout of nausea from said headache, this helps the wave pass as well.

It's on the pricey side at RM67.50 for the full size off Luxola with their absolutely unjustifiable mark-up, but if you wait for 30-40% off, it's rather affordable. It says on the tube that it only lasts 6 months because it's all natural, but mine tends to work longer than that. Yes, I'm cheap that way and absolutely not ashamed of it!

If you're not a fan of Tiger Oil, like me, or you're just looking for something that won't make you smell like an old aunty as you treat your sickness, this is definitely worth a shot. It's a definitive staple for me!

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