When I posted this picture, there was overwhelming demand for a review on this concealer, so I decided to kick off The Concealer Chronicles with it.

When Nars released this concealer, it shot to Holy Grail status for many for good reason. It comes in 10 shades and lives up to its claim of being both radiant and creamy! It also has light-diffusing technology in-built, so that is an automatic, "Yes!" in my book! It's a very versatile concealer in that it works well on the undereye area and around the face; but there is also the added benefit of using a shade lighter or darker as a highlight or contour.

[Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit (Med/Dark1)]

My primary concealer needs are always dark circle based so I tend to pick my concealer shade as such. While the shade "Custard", one shade lighter than Biscuit, is a perfect match for my skin tone, I wanted something a bit deeper to neutralise my dark circles. 

[Doe Foot Applicator]

[Slightly Salmon-y]

Let's take a look at how it fares, shall we?


[The Magic V]

As the concealer is slightly creamy, it works very well for those of us with fine lines and/or dry skin under the eyes. I also prefer tapping it in with my ring finger rather than using a brush because it blends in more seamlessly. As with most concealers, I take it up onto the lid to neutralise the slight darkness as well. Clean canvas, ahoy!

[Left Eye Concealed; Right Eye Bare]

[Concealer On]

[Concealer Powdered]

I use a small touch of a dedicated eye setting powder for my undereye area (review pending).

[Foundation On]

[Full Makeup - 1 pm]

For the record, it's really quite a nice foundation as well. Turning a concealer into a foundation is done in a 1:4 ratio of concealer to moisturiser. I didn't use it in this manner here because this concealer is far too pricey to use so much of! However, should you want a very flawless finish, go for it!

11 hours later, the concealer had creased into my fine lines a little, and worn away just a touch, but it still fared pretty well.


Most of the time, I suffer from just uneven skin, and foundation sorts it out, but just in time to kick off my concealer reviews, my skin decided to break out in a rash. So, it's rather fortunate timing in that respect. 

[Before Concealing]

[After Concealing]

The concealer doesn't wear off as much on my neck as it does on my face because I have oilier skin on my face. Unfortunately that eats through concealer quicker than I would like. The concealer stuck around through to the end of the day on my neck, and worked even better when I used it over foundation. Here it is shown on its own without foundation.

This is truly one of my favourite concealers because it does a fantastic job as promised. It's no wonder it's a Holy Grail for many, and it's one I'm quite happy I forked out the money for.; but before you run out and spent RM100+ on it, stick around because there's a review of a potential dupe coming up soon!


  1. Buying this because of you! :D Come to think of it, these days, I don't think I'll buy any product without consulting you first! <3

  2. Haha I see you've worked your enabling shopping crime charms on Carol too!
    I really like that you actually celebrated the fact that you had a rash on hand to test the efficacy of this concealer - love that about you!
    I'm so divided about concealers. I kind of want them all - NARS, Dior, Bourjois etc...and yet I actually don't even have a single concealer in my stash. I guess I'm the au naturel style of makeup junkie. It's just that I'm so indecisive.

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