For Summer, The Body Shop launched a brand new collection (which appears to be permanent) - The Virgin Mojito Collection!

I went in store, sniffed the products and knew I had to have them! I was holding off on purchases at the time, but a very good friend picked some bits up for me!

[The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito Collection]

On the whole, The Body Shop's offerings don't really get my blood pumping, but their latest addition to body lotions, the body sorbet, is a force to be reckoned with!

[Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet (RM 72)]

While their body butters tend to be too thick for this weather, their body sorbet is a whole other matter. They're light and have an almost whipped texture to them which makes it a breeze to sink into the skin. It offers hydration, moreso than moisturisation, which is something I direly need in this weather. 

I can't even get over the scent of these! Seriously! You need to go in store and take a sniff because they have the most amazingly fresh, addictive scent to them.

She also got me a few miniature bits to try, and these come in something called a Cool Cube.

[Virgin Mojito Cool Cube (RM 55)]

In it you'll get a fluffy loofah (TBS certainly does those well), the shower gel and body butter from the collection.

[Virgin Mojito Body Butter (RM 89 - Full Size)]

While I'm truly not a fan of body butters, I find myself using this as night because it smells so damn good. My pot is almost empty, but I don't think I'll pick another up because I much prefer the body sorbet in terms of texture and lack of stickiness. 

[Virgin Mojito Shower Gel (RM 35 - Full Size)]

As with all of The Body Shop's shower gels, this isn't particularly moisturising or hydrating, but it smells amazing to wake up to in the morning. I may end up with the full size because the scent is so addictive!

But what I'm really eyeing is the body scrub.
[Virgin Mojito Body Scrub (RM 105)]

Every time I enter The Bod y Shop, I end up sniffing this and I crave it. It truly smells good enough to eat, but I have restrained myself from seeing if that is actually true. It's a definite purchase the moment I run through my stash of body scrubs.

It no longer states "Limited Edition" for this collection, so I do hope they've made it a permanent range. Let me know if you guys would like full reviews of any of these products.

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