For Summer, L'Oreal launched a gorgeous range of lipsticks to suit a very large population of the women. The collection is represented by some of the biggest names in the world, and run the spectrum of skintones. While each shade has a dedicated representative, they're extremely versatile colours and I simply couldn't help staring at the display, walking away, then promptly coming back picking one up!

As I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, I adore orange and I feel like I don't have nearly enough orange shades in my collection (for blush and lipstick only, of course!). I will admit that I have no clue who "Compoo" is, but I picked the shade she's wearing in the advertisement. 

[Chic Packaging]

The packaging on this is absolutely gorgeous. It's got a little colour block where the cover attached to the lipstick itself, and it gives a decent representation of the shade within. I find it rather cute that they've imprinted the signatures of the stars associated with the lip shade in gold on the packaging. It's a very nice touch.

[L'Oreal's Collection Star Lipstick in Pure Fire (CSR1)]

The lipstick is absolutely, gorgeous, isn't it? It goes on a little sheer, but it's buildable. It goes on slightly glossy, but dries down to a semi-matte over a few minutes. I got pretty decent wear out of it in that it was still there until I wiped my mouth later in the evening. 

[1 pm]

[12 mn (11 hours later)]

While it's a decently long-wearing lipstick, I found it to be too drying for me. It did leave a touch of a stain (I didn't touch it up at all), but it wore off rather unevenly. My lips felt cracked and painful at the end of the day, but I do have extremely dry lips, so if that is the case for you too, I would steer clear of this collection. If you pop a lip balm under it, though, it will definitely be a more comfortable wear though. 

While I won't be picking up more shades because they're so drying, although I'm incredibly tempted because they're just so beautiful, I will continue to use this. The colour is just too pretty! After all, we all have a bit of a Kamikaze attitude where beauty is concerned, don't we?! 

Mind you, these are also on a bit of the pricey side. I bought them for RM 38+. I was a little surprised, but I just couldn't help myself!

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