This was undoubtedly a Shivani-induced purchase on my part, and I simply couldn't help myself when my parents went to India and asked if they could get me anything! My only instructions were that they avoid brown because I'm trying to be less of an aunty!

[Lakme's 3-in1 Aqua Shine Lipcolor]

I got 3 of them in varying shades...all of which are lovely!

[Aqua Shine Lipcolor in Garnet, Lychee and Truffle]

[Swatches: Garnet, Truffle and Lychee]

The top clicks closed very satisfyingly, and underneath you'll find a slanted sponged-tip applicator. The design for dispensing the product is actually rather ingenious as the sponge is soft enough to conform to the shape of your lip, and it does not exude too much product at once. It helps that it's slanted too since that allows you to follow the shape of your lip for effectively. 

When you first receive the product, the sponge should have no colour on it. If there is, I strongly suggest you get another piece because it means it's either leaking, or someone has been messing with it.

[Free of Tampering]

You then twist the bit below the tip to release the product.


And just how do these products fare?

[Aqua Shine Lipcolor in Lychee]

[Aqua Shine Lipcolor in Garnet]

[Aqua Shine Lipcolor in Truffle]

I absolutely love them! They're easy to apply and have very decent wear. While they don't leave a stain, they aren't easily worn away by your day to day speaking and eating. 

I really do like these and even though I have far too many lipsticks, they're products I do reach for over others, especially the shade in Garnet. Lychee is a lovely shade but it only goes with a very specific look purely because of my skin tone. I'll still use it though! 


  1. The Garnet colour looks good on you :)

    xx Mandy

    1. Thank you, Mandy! I love it too!

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