It's been a while since I bought a new foundation, and with all the brand new stuff on the market that I've been lusting after, I thought that Dior's latest offering was a necessity in my makeup wardrobe.

[Original Picture Here]

As the name suggests, it promises to be extremely lightweight and blend seamlessly into the skin. To top it all off, it has skincare properties (it does say "serum") and SPF 25 incorporated into it. The ultimate all in one?

The packaging on this foundation is fantastic. The heavy glass bottle, though not ideal for travel, fits beautifully in your palm, while it dispenses through a pipette. Just how adorable is that?
[Picture Taken from Dior]

Let's talk colour for a moment. I strongly suggest that when you go in store to purchase this, you get colour matched and then pop out into the Sun to see how it looks on you. The colour doesn't oxidise, so what you see is what you get, making the process a whole lot easier. I made the mistake of trusting the BA (something I have learned never to do) and landed up with the wrong shade. 

Lucky for me, Dior has no qualms about you switching shades if you take it back to the same counter or store. Unfortunately, when I went back I was met with the most awful service. The BA was downright adamant not to test out the new shades I picked out! Truly, is that not her job? Another notch in the bad service post. 

In any event, my first bottle of this foundation was in the shade 040 and when I took it home and saw how it applied in the Sun, I knew instantly that it was just a touch too dark for me. There are 6 shades in total, and while I could have gotten away with keeping 040 and making it work, it didn't do justice to the foundation to have my chest a different colour from my face!

[Diorskin Nude Air with a Pipette]

The formula on this foundation is extremely runny, which also means it blends with extreme ease. 

[Runny Formula]

The first day that I tested this out, I did so without a primer. This was just to see how it fared on its own. Be aware that you need to mix this up before you dispense it though, because it does separate a little. So give it a few good shakes before you pop it open!


The foundation blends into the skin seamlessly. I was rather shocked! As it is such a runny formula, I decided to use my fingers and it was flawless!

[Foundation On]

The coverage of this is more light to medium. I used one thin layer on my skin this time. Half of the pipette's dispensation is more than enough and I had some left over. I wasn't really having skin issues on this day, so it did a good job of evening out my skin tone and didn't sink into my pores at all, even without a primer.

[Undereye Concealer and Powder]

While it isn't obvious in the picture, I was a tad stressed about the colouring on this because it was ever so slightly mismatched to the rest of me. 

[All Set for the Test Run]

It fared pretty well throughout the day. I wore this foundation to the recent Raya event at 1Utama, and I spent half an hour of that event slaving over a hot stove which is quite the test for those of us with oily skin. 

[After Cooking]

At the point of the picture above, I had not touched up my makeup at all. 

So how did it fare after a full day's wear?

[10 Hours Later]

Considering that I wasn't wearing a primer, I think this fared rather well. It got oily along the T-zone, which is a given with any foundation because my skin hates me. Even so, there was no real breakdown of the foundation as there wasn't any separation whatsoever. Other than the shade on this, so far so good!

So, the very next day, I went back to Pavilion to switch up the shades. The lady was horrendously unaccommodating, but I eventually made her test both shades 020 and 030 on me. These shades are incredibly versatile because I could have actually stuck to any of the three. However, 030 was a little more neutral, and therefore was a perfect match for my skin. I'm olive-skinned, but my skin tends to run to the more neutral-undertoned range, so I have learned after a lot of trial and error to veer away from foundations which are too yellow-undertoned. 

[Diorskin Nude Air in 040]

[Diorskin Nude Air in 030]

As you can see, they aren't drastically different shades, but 040 is slightly more yellow-toned.

Time for testing it on Day 2!

[Foundation On!]

[Ready to Roll Out]

This time I had a primer (well, a sunblock/primer which will be reviewed soon) on under the foundation to see if it fared any differently.

It wasn't all that much easier to blend with a primer because it simply blends like a breeze. This  time, I used a foundation brush for it and this is the first time that there were no streaks when using a brush. It's that lightweight and beautiful to apply! So much love!

[6 Hours Later]

And 6 hours later, I still had oiliness on my T-zone, but not horribly so. It's actually a pretty decent foundation for those with combination skin, and if you make it a habit to blot, it won't be an issue. This picture was taken without any touch-ups throughout the period of wear. On this day, I was out in the humidity and heat more than the previous day too, so it could be that the primer contained some of the oiliness, but I can't say definitively. 

In any event, Dior's Pore Minimizing primer is my primer of choice, and I know for a fact it works to control oil to some extent, so if you have issues with oil, these two products would pair perfectly. I'll be reviewing it soon.

Overall, I love this foundation. it runs at RM191 which is really pricey, but it's well worth it. I'm thoroughly enamoured by this foundation and I haven't really worn anything else since. I'd highly recommend it and I'm really happy that I got RM60 off because a very dear friend had Parkson vouchers she didn't want! Even so, I would still have bought this at full price, but I recommend trying a few shades before you buy it because you really need to match your skin tone accurately to get the most outstanding effect.

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