We all know that mascara isn't something to spend anything over pharmacy prices on, but sometimes you just can't help yourself!

[Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara]

In the case of this particular mascara, I justified it by purchasing it for my wedding, and I can tell you this: It stopped me from opening another tube of mascara (L'Oreal's Miss Manga), until it was threatening to dry out. 

Armed with a curved, stiff-bristled brush, it conforms to your lashes so that it hugs them closely. This means that it coats each and every strand of your natural lashes beautifully, while separating them! 

[Curved Wand for Maximum Effect]

The most interesting, and amazing, thing about this mascara is that you don't need an eyelash curler. In fact, I feel that it actually works better without one, as I've demonstrated below.

First off, let's look at my bare lashes. I don't have sparse lashes by any stretch of the imagination, which I am immensely grateful for, but they could always use a bit of help. No one ever feels like it's enough, right?

[Natural Lashes]

I first curled my left lashes only so that you can see how the product compares between the two.

[Left Eyelashes Curled]

Here's what it looks like with one coat of mascara on curled lashes:

[Left Eyelashes with One Coat of Mascara]

Then, I applied the product to my right lashes without curling them.

[Right and Left Eyelashes with One Coat of Mascara]

Look at the difference! It's almost worth keeping this mascara on hand if you don't own a decent curler! 

The product builds up wonderfully too, keeping the lashes separated as it goes. I have tried 3 coats of it, and that's the most I would ever apply, but I tend to stop at two because that's what works for me.

[Right Eyelashes: One Coat; Left Eyelashes: Two Coats]

[Two Coats of Mascara on Left and Right Eyelashes]

This is the perfect mascara to roll out with a minimalist makeup look. If you're too lazy to do your eye makeup, pop on a base, a touch of blush, some lippie and this mascara. You're out the door in 5 minutes!

This mascara is meant to stay good for 6 months, and it smells lovely. Since I don't use makeup daily, I stretched it to around 8 months (disgusting, I know) and it's just now starting to dry out a little. Even so, it hasn't flaked even once, and it never smudges on me. Is this true love? I think so! I can safely say that this is the best mascara I've ever used and it will always have a place in my longing heart!

I would definitely buy this again, but I'll have to find a way to justify it. Perhaps once I've been good and used up the stash of mascaras in my drawer! I'm not sure of the price of it here because I got mine off Sephora US, but even then the price killed me a little. I was in luck because I managed to get a great deal as my mascara came with a mini Dior eyeshadow palette. This is why Sephora SEA fails on all fronts for me!