If you have read this blog for any length of time, you would know that 1Utama is essentially my second home. So, I was all too excited to partake in the launch of their Raya festivities. The Centre Court of the new wing has been decked out in the most fantastic manner to portray the celebration in the style of visiting Ruman Penghulu which is essentially a kampong-based theme.

[Rumah Penghulu]

And so The Butterfly Project gathered to explore the maze of goodies that lay in wait!

[Butterflies, Assemble!]

The entire atmosphere is so inviting and once you step onto the first patch of grass, you're transported to another place altogether. Yes, there is real grass padding the ground!

[Welcome to a Quintessential Kampong Raya]

There are bougainvilleas dotted all over the centre court to aid in both atmosphere and selfies!

There's even a very entertaining Vespa display for ample photo opportunities, as well as the fact that they're having a really good deal on them! I was so tempted, seriously!

[What Colour Would Your Vespa Be?]

The details truly stand out here. There are some very authentic touches which are utterly adorable.

[Drawing You Into the Spirit of Raya]

And two absolutely adorable mascots!

[How Cute is She? Holding Her Head Up!]

We all know I'm a huge foodie, and this was basically heaven for me! ALL the goodies I could possibly conjure up in my mind were available for purchase in this mass of yum! All of them provide an option for gifting as well with beautifully packaged hampers. 

Don't forget that with your ONECard, you get extra special offers at each of these carts, so keep it handy!

[Famous Amos Cookies]

[Royale Creation Raya Treats]

[Booza Ice-Cream]

With a variety of flavours, the ice-cream was churned on-the-spot!

[Churning the Ice-Cream]

Booza's stall came with an assortment of other goodies such as Turkish Delight as well! Just a day or two prior to this, I had a bit of a hankering for the stuff, so I was really excited! I'd recommend the Rose Turkish Delight to those of you who'd like some!

[Turkish Delight]


Of course, with Raya comes a lot of cooking, but not all of us are skilled in the kitchen. Those of us that are often get lazy and so Way has set a stall up selling their pre-prepared pastes.

[Way Premium Foods]

[The Variety of Pastes]



If you're lucky, one of the kind souls at the counter will offer you a bit of a sample of the pastes. 

[Looks Delicious, Doesn't It?]

Way will be having a bit of a cooking demonstration of their own at 5 p.m. this coming Saturday (11th July), so pop by if you'd like to see the pastes in action!

Raya to me is truly about the homemade cookies, and lots of them, which is what is very well represented in this little community in 1Utama.

[VVIP Homemade Raya Cookies]


[Look How Beautiful This Box Is]

[There Are Even Drinks!]

[Don't They Look Amazing?!]

[Pre-Packed Hamper]


[Beautifully Packed Hampers]

Truly, which one of us wouldn't want to receive a hamper this pretty, filled with stuff that looks this good?!

[I'd Love to Receive These!]

Even now, staring at all these goodies is making me hungry, and for those of you who are like me, there's Rendang on offer!

[Rendang Atuk]

[Chicken Rendang]

[Beef Rendang]

Walking past these had my mouth watering!

I love the fact that they even had side dishes to go with the rendang on hand!

[What's Rendang Without Rice?]

[Ann's Bahulu]

The kuih bahulu is baked on the spot and the scent is utterly intoxicating!

[See the Oven!]

[There's Also Muruku!]

For those of you looking for a non-traditional fix, you'll find it here too!

[Sangkaya Coconut Ice-Cream]

Sangkaya has a little booth here and they have both their coconut and Thai tea ice-cream on offer. They will allow you to mix the two, so I strongly suggest you go for it because choosing is for losers!

[Coconut Ice-Cream with Peanuts]

You do get to choose your toppings and put however much you want to on your ice-cream, but I'm a bit of a traditionalist and prefer mine with just peanuts.

[Toppings for the Ice-Cream]

I will admit that the coconut ice-cream wasn't enough for me, and I was eye the next stall like a crazed chocolate monster!


If you've never had Royce chocolates, your life is incomplete. I went back today to get a box for myself. Yes, I won't be sharing!

They have little gift boxes too should you want to gift these lovely morsels of heaven to others. 

And once you've bought all these goodies, where are you going to put them? 

[Acrylic Culture]

There are some really beautiful containers for you to keep or gift goodies in.

[Storage Canisters]


They've truly got everything you need because Tefal has rice cookers on sale too!


And if you'd like to deck out your kitchen with better gear, Roichen to the rescue!

[Roichen Cookware]

However, if your goal is to actually fully pimp your kitchen, head over to Best Denki's booth because I'm currently lusting after their belling built-in oven!

[Best Denki's belling Display]

Seriously, just look at these! I need!

[Lust Personified]


And their stoves!

What was fully on display was belling's all-in-one star product!

[belling's Stove and Oven in One]

In fact, belling sponsored the equipment that allowed me to meet celebrity chef Sherson Lian!

[Cooking with Chef Sherson Lian]

[The Man Himself]

He was there to give us tips on cooking ayam percik with a twist, and when he asked for a volunteer, I couldn't help myself! Pinata loves ayam percik, and I couldn't resist getting an idea of how to make it.

[Chop Chop Chop]

[Season Well]

It was a very interesting recipe because the chicken was de-boned and stuff with the same spices and herbs it was marinated in. It was then pan fried to brown and subsequently baked. It was also healthier than the regular recipe because part of the coconut milk (santan) was substituted with Greek yoghurt. 


How did it taste?

[Happiness in a Bite]

It was absolutely delicious! Now if I can only locate the recipe for it! 

Thank you for taking the pictures above, Miera!

If you'd like to meet or learn to cook from Chef Sherson Lian too, pop by at 3 p.m. this coming Sunday (12th July) for another demonstration! 

[Butterfly Mania with Kelly, Tammy and Me!]

[My First Visit to a Ruman Penghulu]

With that and armed with the knowledge that 1Utama had goodies in store for those of us who love shopping (they always have the best gifts!), I ran amok!

[Shopaholics Anonymous]

Thank you for the picture of my lack of control, Carol!

So, what did I buy?

First off, I bought something for Pinata so that he wouldn't be able to complain about me buying stuff for myself. Keep this tip in mind, ladies, it never fails!

[Marks & Spencer's Loungewear]

And right next to Marks & Spencer, Alda was having a sale. When I say sale, I mean SALE! I got 2 bags for the price of 1!

[Retail Therapy]

I have been looking for a feminine knapsack type bag, and I finally found one that is absolutely gorgeous! I picked up the second bag for my mother to bribe her into buying me eye cream from Australia.

[My Bag]

[For Mum]

Like I said, keep your ONECard handy because there are lovely gifts on hand! 

If you spend RM500 within a 2 receipts in the same day, you're entitled to a beautiful cakestand. However, if you have a ONECard (which is the best loyalty card ever. I haven't paid for parking in 1Utama for 6 years because I just use my points!), you only need to spend RM300 to get the same gift!

[Beautifully Packaged]

[What Will You Serve Up This Raya?]

As an added bonus for those of you breaking fast in 1Utama, you get 3X bonus points on your ONECard when you dine at selected restaurants after 7 p.m. (the list is very long and happiness inducing). Restaurants include, but are not limited to:

  • Absolute Thai
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Betjeman & Barton
  • Chili's
  • Fish & Co
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Little Cravings
  • Madam Kwan's
  • Nando's
  • Nyonya Colors
  • O'Brien's
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee
  • PappaRich
  • Peranakan Place
  • Pizza Hut
  • Sakae Sushi
  • Satay Satay
  • Secret Recipe
  • Sushi King
  • The Chicken Rice Shop
  • etc.
So, what are you waiting for? Come spend the day in 1Utama. We all know I would live there if they would accommodate me!


  1. Awesome.... so many gorgeous photos I really like... and it's my pleasure on the pics with Sherson Lian......