Last month was truly one of Bath & Body Works mania; and with all that was going on by way of sales, it was all too easy to bypass the big, bright display in the centre of the store!

[Hello, Love & Sunshine Calling!]

I am a complete sucker for the colour yellow. It truly is my favourite colour because only good things come in the colour! I'm sure someone will pop up with something horrible, but stop raining on my parade because I've got some Love & Sunshine!

[I Want All the Yellow!]

While the display itself only features bodycare products, the range actually comes with home products as well. Let's focus on pampering ourselves before we move on to our homes, shall we?

[Love & Sunshine for the Body]

This is a rather comprehensive collection in that it is aimed at a number of different concerns. First of all, let's talk about the scent. It's a very interestingly sophisticated floral scent. It's not at all what you would imagine from the packaging. It's not cloyingly sweet, nor is it the kind of floral scent that makes you think of powdered old Duchesses. In short, it's addictively heady!

So when I saw all the different variants available, you just know I wanted to grab them all and run to the counter! Truly, this stuff will just make any bathroom or dressing table far more exciting in the mornings!

[Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel (RM62)]

[2-in-1 Bubble Bath & Body Wash (RM68)]

[Foaming Shower Scrub (RM80)]

[Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion (RM62)]

[Ultra Shea Body Cream (RM62)]

[Fine Fragrance Mist (RM70)]

[Diamond Shimmer Mist (RM78)]

The shower gel, body lotion and fragrance mist come in travel size too at RM25 to RM29 which is a good option of you'd actually like to try these out.

However, as a Raya gift, wouldn't you love to receive a little hamper of Love & Sunshine?!

[Perfect for Gifting!]

As the names suggest, with all the various Vitamin E and Shea additions, it's a rather moisturising collection, and since it smells like heaven, it kills two birds with one stone. What's lovely is that they are meant to be layered to prolong the lingering of the scent. 

As I mentioned above, the scent comes in home care as well!

[Sunshine 3-Wick Candle]

[Sunshine Wallflower]

You just know that both the candle and wallflower are on my wishlist! What's awesome is that they will be permanent items!

[The Camouflage of Yellow was a Coincidence]

So what was in that little bag of goodness?

[My Very Own Love & Sunshine]

I'm also desperately eyeing the bubble bath right now, so I may just have to make another trip!

Along with the body and home care, the collection came out with a line of hand washes which represent spring and summer as well! I've got two on the go right now, and two to crack open once these run out!

[Sun Shine & Lemons Deep Cleansing Hand Soap]

[White Lily & Lime Deep Cleansing Hand Soap]

[Spring Time & Clementines and Blue Skies & Blooms Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps - Unopened]

Of course, we all need a bit of cleanliness on the go, and so I have both the above scents in hand sanitiser form as well!

[Blue Skies & Blooms and Springtime & Clementines PocketBacks - Unopened]

This is a collection that is truly right up my alley. It is fruity and floral, but not cloyingly so and it just puts you in a better mood because it's all so happy-looking!

It's a good time to pop into BBW too since today is the last day of their latest Raya promotion. 

[Spin, and What Will You Win?]

You get to spin a wheel to get a prize which can be anything from 20% off, to body lotion or shower gel for RM18! You may even win yourself a PocketBac!

Plus, new goodies are already in store, so it's definitely worth popping by!