I think it's beyond obvious how much I love Antipodes as a brand. I've tried so many products from them, and have yet to be disappointed. 

This is a product I used a while back, and now with my toner stash dwindling, I find myself contemplating a re-purchase. 

[Antipodes' Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner]

If you're wondering what a clarifying toner is, it's essentially between a regular toner and an acid-based (exfoliating)  toner. It helps to provide a deeper cleanse to the skin and is particularly beneficial to those of us with a propensity for clogged pores or acne. 

It's absolutely fantastic that this comes with a spray nozzle! It allows for an even mist over the face, but my preference is to use it to dispense a sensible amount on cotton, and then swipe it all over my face. I say sensible amount because I have the tendency to go mad and use excessive quantities of skincare just to get through all the stuff in my stash so that I can buy more! It's a truly vicious cycle of insanity.

[A Pump: For Misting or Proportioning?]

Through use of this toner, I found my skin to be much clearer and less prone to blackheads and acne. It didn't eradicate either, but it certainly made them less prominent. As it is clarifying, it also helps keep pores clean, making them less visible. It's truly a win all round!

At RM129, it's definitely on the higher end of the toner range, and not a strict necessity, but I quite enjoyed it. It left my skin feeling clean but not stripped, and it helped with those minor issues that cause bumpiness. 

A definite win for me! And a very possible repurchase on the horizon!

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