[Unboxing Video]

As mentioned, it took TaQBin forever to deliver my packaged, and it's obvious they didn't even try because someone is always in the office until 8 pm daily so there couldn't have been delivery failure. It was just laziness on their part. This is a copy of the tracking information:

[TaQBin's Ridiculous Behaviour]

Anyway, now that I finally have my package, here's what's inside!


[Pretty Lilac Box]

[My Haul!]

First of was the innisfree mask that was on special offer. They will be returning the entire RM 40 to me in credits for my future shopping expedition!

There's been a bit of an issue with the sun block I ordered, though. It's from the same brand but not the product I ordered. I have contacted them about this, so we shall see how they respond. They sent me a more expensive product than what I ordered (i.e. Nature Republic California Aloe Sun Block - Mild (RM 29)). UPDATE: They responded informing me that a mail was sent out informing customers that the sun block I ordered is no longer in production and was substituted with this. All is well with the world!

And a toner! I'm REALLY happy with this one because I've yet to try a rice-based toner. Fingers crossed!

And of course, the two hydrogel eye masks!

I intend to have a very pretty undereye area in the near future! Look out for it!

I paid a total for RM 120 (which actually works out to RM 80 after credit rebate) for all 5 items which basically makes this order dirt cheap. I'm so happy with it! It's RM 150 worth of stuff for around half the price, when it's already heavily discounted. Love? Yes!

I'll be publishing a guide on how to shop on Althea soon, so stay tuned! Or go try it out for yourself at Althea!


  1. Please review the hydrogel eye masks!! :D

    1. Coming up very soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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