The highly anticipated collaboration between Christopher Kane and NARS has finally been unleashed on the world! Take a deep breath, and behold!

[Christopher Kane for NARS: Wearable Brights for Everyday Use]

It's only in the beauty community that you find people in South East Asia getting excited about summer. Everything is brighter, bolder and more alive. With every year that goes buy, this is amplified, and we find that to be the case with newest collection to hit stores. 

While there is a whole lot of shimmer in all the eyeshadows, and colours you wouldn't think would work for you daily, or if you're an older woman, this collection pushes all boundaries to prove you wrong! Let's take a look, shall we?

First off, the eyeshadows:

[Outer Limits Eyeshadow (RM98)]

Described as an iridescent rose gold, it's a colour that will have you concerned about fallout at first glance, but if you pat it on over your eye makeup, it leaves a very gorgeous, fine glitter over it that is so very pretty!

[Parallel Universe Duo Eyeshadow (RM128)]

People are truly afraid of purple eyeshadows for some reason, and this shouldn't be the case. With the prevalent black and brown eye colours we are blessed with, purple actually complements us perfectly. I would say this is a duo that's more suited to our region than those that have lighter-coloured eyes. I wouldn't use these two together, but they are both completely gorgeous individually, particularly the lilac shade on the left.

[Starscape Blush (RM127)]

In my book, this is the true star of the entire collection. It's a bright neon pink, and looks utterly freakish in the pan. However, with the right brush (i.e. fluffy and good at diffusion of colour), it gives you the perfect flush that makes you look almost youthful. Of course, if you're going for a more high-fashion look, go all out and swish this on with your regular blush. It'll give you a shock of high colour that you can't quite get from anyone but Nars.

[Silent Nude Blush (RM128)]

This is a soft beige blush that looks a lot darker in this picture than it actually is. In truth, it is basically the same colour as my skin, and while it looks gorgeous on those with very fair complexions, I would steer clear of it if you're anywhere around my skin tone or darker.
[Glow Pink Lipgloss (RM95)]

[Mezmer Lipgloss (RM95)]

[Nebulous Lipgloss (RM95)]
[Nucleus Lip Gloss (RM95)]

While these glosses look like they're meant to be displayed prettily because they're too pigmented to use, you would be selling yourself short by not looking at them. They are the second most essential item in the collection because they sheer out gorgeously upon application.

[Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple (RM154)]

Yes, there are a bunch of purples in this collection, and they're all lovely on so many levels. As with the rest of the products that look like you could string them together and glow in the dark at a rave, this is actually quite an amazing highlight. I was skeptical myself until I tried it on instore. It gives the most beautiful glow to the skin that makes it look like you're glowing from within!

Now, let's take a look at how these fared in my hands, shall we?

Let's discuss one of the most exciting things about this collection: The Packaging!

Truly! It's got the sleek, rubberized texture that we all associate with Nars, but in place of the regular White font, we have gorgeous neon pink! Seriously, this is a collector's incentive right here!

[Oh the neon pink!]

[Mezmer Lipgloss]

[It Goes on Rather Sheer]

[Silent Nude Blush]

[Just My Skintone!]

[Violet Atom Multiple]

[For that Touch of Illumination]

Of course, we'll start with just the base!

[Got my Base Down]

As mentioned, Silent Nude truly doesn't show up on my skin and I'm a bit sad about that. The MUA in Nars did show me how to apply it to tone down a darker contour shade, but it seems like too much effort to make it work instead of using a contour shade that already works for me.

[Silent Nude on My Cheeks]

Violet Atom, however, works wonderfully. For how shimmery it looks in the tube and swatch, it actually blends wonderfully into your makeup giving you that touch of highlight that makes you look like you are glowing from within.

[Violet Atom to Highlight]

[Added some Blush over Silent Nude]

As the MUA told me, the lipglosses in this collection deepen over a few minutes as they interact with you, so here's a before and after.

[Mezmer On Application]

As you can see, after 15 minutes, the colour had intensified a little. 

[Mezmer 15 Minutes Later]

I love that the glosses aren't sticky, and they glide on beautifully without the disgusting patchiness that MAC glosses tend to have. 

What I anticipate was that the gloss would leave a bit of a stain, so even when it faded, it left a very pretty pink hue to my lips. This is a full-on bonus! 

[Mezmer After 5 Hours]

I was also extremely impressed by how well it lasted on my lips. Truly, I'm rarely impressed with lipgloss, but Nars does it for me all the time!

Before all this meddling with the stuff at home, though, I went in-store to get a makeover where the MUA threw the whole collection onto my face. It's basically what induced a bit of a frenzy!

[My Makeup Instore]

On my lips, he added a mixture of Nebulous and Mezmer. So, so pretty!

Of course, I thought I would be a good Shopaholic and restrain myself from buying Starscare. Alas, three weeks and complete terror over the fact that the blush might be sold out before I get my hands on it told me that I needed it in my collection. And so, back I went to their new store in Mid Valley, told the MUA what I wanted and walked out before I could change my mind and buy another lipgloss (I am lusting after Nebulous)!

[I Just Couldn't Stop Myself]

[Starscape Blush (RM127)]

Seriously, look at this blush. If you don't go out and get it now, you will regret it once it's off the shelves.

[Left: Concentrated; Right: Sheered Out]

While they pair together perfectly, the blush truly is neon because it's far brighter than Mezmer is!

[A Brighter Shade than Mezmer]

I truly, truly love it! 

And, I used a very light hand with it to give me a natural flush.

[Starscape on my Cheeks]

I urge you to go into a Nars store (currently in Pavillion and MegaMall) to check this collection out for yourself. If I had to narrow down the necessities, it would be Starscape, Nebulous and Mezmer.

I may still go back for Nebulous. I'm a little bit sad I didn't buy it. Maybe I need it.

What do you guys think? Should I get it? Enable me! I'm waiting!


  1. I like the silent nude blush although need to try swatching to know if its suit me or not.
    Sigh, its very hard to restrain myself when I see pretty products like that!

    1. It's really very pretty and so finely milled that it blends wonderfully. Definitely worth checking out. If it suits you, definitely pick it up!