In January, a new local haircare brand hit the market. and it caused quite a stir in promising natural ingredients which actually keep your hair healthy and happy!

Introducing: Nu Nature!

[2 Sizes for the Avid Hair Care Lover]

We got a bit of a meet and greet at dal.komm Coffee courtesy of The Butterfly Project, and were generously gifted the entire range!

[Shampoo, Conditioner and Coffee = How to make Pita Happy]

[Notice their Hair?]

We were treated to testimonials from actual users of the products, all of whom had differing hair concerns and found their solutions in Nu Nature's range.

[Discussing Colour Treated/Damaged Hair]

As mentioned, we were given the entire range, and it was such a treat to receive a basket full of haircare!

[My Basket!]


So, what concerns are addressed by the range?

We've all been in a position where washing out hair daily causes more damage then its worth, which is why the Daily Shine range was put into place. While it's meant to be gentle and suitable for sensitivity and children, I felt that it didn't really suit my needs. It was a little on the drying side, and I can only imagine how that would play out if I actually did wash my hair daily.

[Daily Shine Shampoo]

[Daily Shine Conditioner]

A rather thicker consistency was found in the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo. Unfortunately, I didn't see any lessening of hair fall with use of this particular product. It neither thickened nor prevented. 

[Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo]

The Volumizing Shampoo is meant for those of us with oily scalps (yes, me!), but it dried my hair out a little too much. Even with concentrating it only on the scalp, my hair was frizzy and frazzled; not a state I want to experience. Following it up with the Hydration Conditioner didn't particularly help either. It was one I could use with a hair mask to balance out the dryness, but it seemed to be hurting more than helping.

[Volumizing Shampoo]

I loved the 2-in-1 Shampoo which is a 1-step shampoo and conditioner product because it was wonderful for lazy days, but it's definitely not the best product of its kind on the market.

[2-in-1 Shampoo]

I do have a bit of a dandruff issue and I was hoping it would be a bit of a saving grace to have a product at this cost that actually worked. Unfortunately, it made no difference, and dried my hair out instead.

[Anti-Dandruff Shampoo]

On to the products I had the highest hopes for, the hydration range!

While these weren't excessively drying, they weren't particularly hydrating either. There are brands presently on the market that provide more hydration without specifically promising it, so it was rather a shame on that front. 

[Hydration Shampoo]

Even when using the conditioner with another shampoo, I found my hair to be much dryer than it would be had I used a different conditioner. 

[Hydration Conditioner]

It's taken me this long to get this review up because I've been testing all of these out in multiple ways. At RM29.90 per bottle, the range is very affordable, but does that translate to bang for your buck? 

While it's lovely that it's been formulated in France and tailored to suit our hair concerns here in Malaysia, they didn't really work for me.

I loved the 2-in-1 Shampoo which is a 1-step shampoo and conditioner product because it was wonderful for lazy days, but it's definitely not the best product of its kind on the market. 

It also distresses me a little that there is dimethicone in the majority of the range. This means that any softness or shine is purely cosmetic, and it isn't actually treating those problems.

Overall, I would skip this range and work with the other products already on the market. That said, this may work if you have finer, thinner hair than I do, but I can't attest to that personally.

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