[Maybelline's Rebel Bouquet]

Maybelline recently launched a new line of lipsticks called Rebel Bouquet. The launch comes in time for Summer (not that it's ever NOT Summer here), and are pastel-esque pops of colour. I was very intrigued, and when they went on sale in Guardian, I couldn't resist. Though the adult in me exercised some self-control and picked up 1, quite contrary to the voices in my head which  told me I need all of something I had yet to try.

So I picked up the shade REB04, which is the second boldest shade in the Bouquet. It's a bright pink-y coral that is stunning!

[Maybelline's Rebel Bouquet in REB04]

As you can see from the bullet above, it appears quite a bit on the matte side, so I can't quite decide what finish it is because it goes on with a slight shine. 

It glides on beautifully, and it can be worn sheer if you use a light hand. However, I'm quite a fan of statement lips right now, so I went all out with it!

[Rebel Yell...She said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah"]

When I applied it with a lighter hand prior to this pictured trial, it wore off within a couple of hours with eating and drinking. However, after 5 hours, this had actually left a bit of a stain the way matte shades do. 

[Cherry Stained Lips]

It's actually a much more attractive shade on me when it's become a stain, so I may just blot my lips when using this product. 

It's a tad on the drying side, so it's definitely not going to be an everyday use product, but I am very keen on picking up the full-on orange shade that came out with this collection.

The price on these varies depending on where you're picking them up, but they range from RM28 to RM35.