Early this month, The Butterfly Project teamed up with the latest beauty offering in town for what can only be described as the best pampering session ever!

Truly, the feel of the entire thing was that of a full-on, very elaborate bachelorette party, and if you're in the midst of planning one, I'd strongly suggest that you take your cue from Beauty Guide's planning skills.

Yes, there is such a thing as Beauty Guide

Now, this day was so packed with excitement that you're going to have to go on the journey with me, so stay tuned and stick it out through both parts of the recap. 

Everything kicked off in Bangsar...The Coffee Bean to be exact!

[Attractive Man with Attractive Plans]

We were introduced to the entire concept of Beauty Guide, something that was brand new to me as well. It's basically your one stop beauty hub where it exposes you to every form of pampering, head to toe, that you can dream of.

[Nicholas Ng (Head of Digital Outreach) and Therese Schwensen (MD)]

[Therese Schwensen - Founder and Managing Director of Beauty Guide]

Beauty Guide's aim is to be "the one place you go to find information and review about beauty, spas and wellness treatments". Yes, we all know how cumbersome it can be to trawl through 50 different sites to get a comprehensive review on a particular spa, which means that having information housed under one roof with actually reviews of the services offered would save us all a bit of time and heartache.

Before long we were on our way to bliss...

[Taking a Leisurely Stroll to Our First Stop]

If you follow my Instagram feed, you would have seen sneak peaks of all the stop as we got there, and just how excited everyone was. So where did we land up first? Strip!

Strip, Bangsar is located along Jalan Telawi 5, which is along the same row as McDonald's. You'll have to walk up the stairs to get there, but a visual treat awaits you when you do.

[Award Winning Wax Parlour]

As Strip, they believe in efficiency and cleanliness, a conception sorely lacking in a lot of the smaller waxing parlours. They offer a range of services from waxing to IPL and even nails. Their Bangsar branch is just as chic-ly decked out as the rest, with a bit of an alternative British vibe running through it (they after from the UK, afterall). 

[A Bit of An Introduction to Strip's Philosophy]

In line with spoiling us rotten, we were treated to some refreshing juice and delectable cupcakes.

[The Way to Arpita's Heart is Through Her Stomach]


Of course, as we all tend to err on the side of vanity, there's always a photo op waiting for you at Strip: With their signature Orang Utan, no less!

[Just Chillin']

Couldn't resist doing so myself!

[Not Entirely Sure Who is Hairier]

Neither could he!

[Boys Can be Vain, Too!]

We were offered a choice of either a half arm wax or an underarm wax, and since I was competing with the orang utan for a spot in the zoo, I went with the half arm wax.

We were assured it wouldn't take more than 15 minutes, and before long, I was led into a cosy little room.

[Clean and Compact]

Their rooms aren't very big, but they contain everything you need to primp and preen yourself. Plus, if you're in pain, it helps to count the apes on the wallpaper!

[1 Utan, 2 Utans, 3 Utans...]

And yes, all it took was 15 minutes! The pain was minimal and they ensured I wasn't sticky so I didn't feel the need to shower right after.

For those of you who like your quality aftercare, do check out Strip's range. They carry Malin+Goetz products which are beyond fantastic. I've been using them for years and have yet to be disappointed. 

[Showcase of Aftercare]

[I Would Highly Recommend the Peppermint Scrub]

Once we were de-fuzzed, these lovely ladies and myself were whisked away in an Uber Black car to our next secret location!

[A Comfortable Ride in an Uber Black Car with Sabby and Grace]

And just where did this magical ride take us? To Sunway...but a completely surreal location in Sunway that I had never seen before!

[Mandara Spa, Sunway]

While Mandara Spa has a number of locations dotted around the Klang Valley, we were treated to a wholly soothing experience in being taken to Sunway. The Spa is set deep within a path of greenery which calms you as you trek your way to the magical hideout. 

The Spa is set into the surroundings of Sunway Resort, so you will walk through the Resorts beautiful surroundings to get to it. It just makes you want to book a room and never leave!

[A Treat for the Senses]

Once you've hmmed and hawed over the beauty the Resort itself has to offer, you're met by an innocuous looking gate that leads to the path to paradise.

[Follow the Yellow Brick Road...]

[Down the Trail...]

['Till You See a Sign]

It is quite a bit of a walk, but you're surrounded by greenery and beauty all the way, so it is definitely worth it.

In fact, it rather relaxes the mind to be set within nature, so it's a truly holistic experience.


Keep going...

And we're there!

In typical Balinese fashion, the spa is all wood-paneling and greenery, truly a place to come and relax.

[Entrance to the Spa]

To find out what we got up to, check out Part 2!