Since Anastasia came on the market a couple of years back, the Brow Wiz has been all the rage in beauty circles, and when I finally got my hands on it, I hopped on the bandwagon. Mind you, this was in October last year. Prior to that, the extent of my brow grooming was to brush through them, rather unsuccessfully most of the time. 

Even for a novice like me, the Brow Wiz proved to be a true "wiz". It wasn't terribly pigmented which means that you can afford to make mistakes without looking like you are a mono-browed unicorn of sorts. That's not the kind of special we want to be. However, I think my favourite bit of the Anastasia pencil had to be the spooley at the other end. It is so densely packed together that it eases the process of taming my rather unruly brows, as well as dispersing the product evenly through your spanking new shaping!

A few months ago, Soap & Glory got with the programme, and they came out with a product which was so aesthetically similar that it made one wonder. There was quite a bit of twitter when this happened with regards to it being a dupe, but I tend to take what I read on the Internet with a pinch of salt. So, when the Enabler was in Bangkok in March and spotted Soap & Glory's Archery, I had to have it to try it out for myself!

[Left: Soap & Glory's Archery; Right: Anastasia's Brow Wiz]

[Slim Design a la Brow Wiz]

[Very Fine Tip a la Brow Wiz]

[Can You Tell the Difference?]

Putting them side by side, the only way I know which is which is from how dirty my Brow Wiz is. The horror, right?

[Hello, New Brows!]

[Densely Packed Spiral Spooley a la Brow Wiz]

[They're Twins!]

Once again, with the spooley, the only way I can tell them apart is that my Brow Wiz is a little bit worse for wear from trying to wrangle my manly brows into shape.

So, how do they fare against each other when in actual use?

[Top: Before; Bottom: Anastasia's Brow Wiz]

[Top: Before; Bottom: Soap & Glory's Archery]

Let me address my uneven brows for a second. I am going to burn the threading store down because they ruined my decently shaped brows. Now I have to grow-out my man brows before shaping them again. Kill me, please.

In any event, they are incredibly similar in texture, process and outcome. The only real difference is that the Soap & Glory Archery pencil is a shade too dark for me so I need to use a lighter hand. It is, in fact a perfect dupe, and I am overjoyed because the price difference is quite something!

The Brow Wiz retails for US$21 (RM75) and Archery retails for GBP8 (RM45). Quite the difference, isn't it? So, next time you're in Thailand, or any other place with a Boots (why Malaysia, why?!) do your brows a favour and get hold of Archery. I kid you not when I tell you that it's the best eyebrow pencil ever!

There's also another Soap & Glory Archery, which is a pen, so don't confuse the two. I will be reviewing that at a later date!