Anastasia's Brow Wiz v Soap & Glory's Archery

Since Anastasia came on the market a couple of years back, the Brow Wiz has been all the rage in beauty circles, and when I finally got my hands on it, I hopped on the bandwagon. Mind you, this was in October last year. Prior to that, the extent of my brow grooming was to brush through them, rather unsuccessfully most of the time. 

Even for a novice like me, the Brow Wiz proved to be a true "wiz". It wasn't terribly pigmented which means that you can afford to make mistakes without looking like you are a mono-browed unicorn of sorts. That's not the kind of special we want to be. However, I think my favourite bit of the Anastasia pencil had to be the spooley at the other end. It is so densely packed together that it eases the process of taming my rather unruly brows, as well as dispersing the product evenly through your spanking new shaping!

A few months ago, Soap & Glory got with the programme, and they came out with a product which was so aesthetically similar that it made one wonder. There was quite a bit of twitter when this happened with regards to it being a dupe, but I tend to take what I read on the Internet with a pinch of salt. So, when the Enabler was in Bangkok in March and spotted Soap & Glory's Archery, I had to have it to try it out for myself!

[Left: Soap & Glory's Archery; Right: Anastasia's Brow Wiz]

[Slim Design a la Brow Wiz]

[Very Fine Tip a la Brow Wiz]

[Can You Tell the Difference?]

Putting them side by side, the only way I know which is which is from how dirty my Brow Wiz is. The horror, right?

[Hello, New Brows!]

[Densely Packed Spiral Spooley a la Brow Wiz]

[They're Twins!]

Once again, with the spooley, the only way I can tell them apart is that my Brow Wiz is a little bit worse for wear from trying to wrangle my manly brows into shape.

So, how do they fare against each other when in actual use?

[Top: Before; Bottom: Anastasia's Brow Wiz]

[Top: Before; Bottom: Soap & Glory's Archery]

Let me address my uneven brows for a second. I am going to burn the threading store down because they ruined my decently shaped brows. Now I have to grow-out my man brows before shaping them again. Kill me, please.

In any event, they are incredibly similar in texture, process and outcome. The only real difference is that the Soap & Glory Archery pencil is a shade too dark for me so I need to use a lighter hand. It is, in fact a perfect dupe, and I am overjoyed because the price difference is quite something!

The Brow Wiz retails for US$21 (RM75) and Archery retails for GBP8 (RM45). Quite the difference, isn't it? So, next time you're in Thailand, or any other place with a Boots (why Malaysia, why?!) do your brows a favour and get hold of Archery. I kid you not when I tell you that it's the best eyebrow pencil ever!

There's also another Soap & Glory Archery, which is a pen, so don't confuse the two. I will be reviewing that at a later date!
Attending Graduan's Aspire 500 Conference 2015

Over the weekend, I had the privilege to attend not just the Graduan Aspire Career & Postgraduate Fair, but the rather exclusive, newly imported Aspire 500 Conference with some of the most influential business leaders in the country.

[Held at the Prestigious KL Convention Centre]

As a prelude to the event, there was an official opening ceremony, and it would not have been complete without an introduction to the aspirations of the Graduan concept. Who better than Puan Elia Talib (Founder of Graduan) to draw us into the excitement of it all.

[Puan Elia Talib Introducing Graduan]

Puan Elia, a remarkably well-spoken woman, was downright inspiring in her drive for the success of the fair. Her passion ran through the veins of the entire weekend, making it one of unparalleled success with both the turnout, and the record number of employer-employee matches. 

The floor was then handed to YB Tuan Kamalanathan (Deputy Minister of Education II) to officially launch the event.

[YB Tuan P Kamalanathan P Panchanathan, Deputy Minister of Education II]

As Deputy Minister of Education, he was a perfect fit because of his close proximity to the challenges faced by graduates around the nation. He expressed enthusiasm for the future Graduan had as a means of getting a career foothold based on the results which have arisen out of the past five years of the fair. 

What was particularly enticing about this was the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the most revered company heads in the country, possibly even the region. 

The Aspire 500 Conference has seen great success overseas, and it has thus been brought to our shores. The panel was exceptionally well-rounded and one that inspired intrigue and motivation in the audience. 

With Ben Ibrahim playing host to the event, everything was kept on point, yet not severely so. The conference proved to be one which was light-hearted and honest, with both the panel and audience peppered with laughter throughout. 

[Left to Right: Ben Ibrahim, Lai Tak Meng, Abbas Saad, Johan Mahmood Merican, YBhg Dato' Georg Fischer, Datuk Johan Idris]

Encompassed by the likes of Lai Tak Meng (HR Director, Gamuda), Abbas Saad (Sports Presenter), Johan Merican (CEO, Talent Corporation Malaysia), Dato' Georg Fischer (CEO, Tesco) and Datuk Johan Idris (Managing Partner, KPMG), we were given quite the insight into what employers are searching for, and what stands out in a resume. 

For the record, your generic resume is simply not going to cut it if you want to be hired by the likes of these powerhouses. What you need to is display a keen understanding of where these companies stand at present, and where they are headed down the road. In short, do your research and tweak your resume to show that you have done so!

It was truly an invaluable experience, and the panel were accommodating enough to stick around after the conference to answer questions which had to be cut off due to time constraints. 

[Puan Elia Thanking the Panel]

The Career & Postgraduate Fair was something else altogether. This was my first year in attendance, and the crowd was astounding. Upwards of 37,000 individuals attended the event, and upon seeing the companies which were represented, it was hardly surprising. All the giants were in attendance, and they were accepting on the spot applications and resumes. 

It was encouraging to note that even with the hordes of people, the lovely people manning the booth were consistently upbeat and ever-willing to answer questions about job opportunities. 

There were even little goodies given out to those who left their contact details and/or interest in particular positions within a given company.

[Celcom's Booth]

There were also games and prizes to be won, which made the atmosphere very lively and truly fair-like!

[Tesco's Booth]

[Nestle's Booth]

[DRB-HICOM's Booth]

More importantly, however, was the fact that there was a genuine need and interest in hiring which runs counter to the assertion that fresh graduates are unable to get jobs. It's purely down to where you're looking and how you're presenting yourself. 

[Maybank's Booth]

[OCBC's Booth]

I enquired about positions of interest at a number of the booths and all of them were extremely helpful. Those who were unable to answer my questions directly, referred me to the hiring procedure they have in place and I was assured that the majority of them kept these resumes on file should the position already be closed.

[Prudential's Booth]

[KPMG's Booth]

[Deloitte's Booth]

[PWC's Booth]

All in all, if you are looking for a job, I can't think of a better place to have gone looking. A word of advice: Take copies of your resume with you! 

[Dell's Booth]

There was even a bit of polling ongoing, and attendees could vote for their favourite companies by placing a small sticker on a board in front of the booth.

[Voting on Preferred Employers]

The results were released yesterday, and it would appear that the Oil & Gas industry, followed by the Banking industry are in the lead.

[Results of the Survey]

Attending the Conference and the Fair were quite an experience in terms of considering the manner in which my skill set is presented, as well as the career line I am looking into. You may already be set in what you want, but looking around at all the options will frequently give you an idea, one way or another, as to what would work for you. What better way than to have your options under one roof?

For more information on Graduan, do visit their website, and to keep tabs on the latest news, follow them on Facebook

Graduan Aspire Career & Postgraduate Fair 2015

[Get Your Resumes Out!]

The biggest career fair in the country is back this weekend with its annual offering of job opportunities. I've just officially graduated with my Masters, and it's time to job hunt, and I can't really think of a better forum through which to get a feel for what I should be looking into and where I should apply.

[Graduan Aspire Career & Postgraduate Fair 2014]

The fair brings all the biggest companies under one roof in KLCC to allow you an opportunity to explore different companies within an industry as options for your applications. This year, you can expect a whole host of major players such as Maybank, Shell, Deloitte, TM, Tesco, ExxonMobil, etc. to be present.

[All the Big Guns Under One Roof]

For those of you who are toying with the idea of furthering your education, a number of very highly esteemed universities will have booths at the fair as well, so look out for them.

As icing on the cake, from 10:00 am - 11:30 am, the Graduan Aspire 500 Conference will pool together the talents of some highly experienced talents from the region to share their experience and provide an insight into hiring practices. Can you imagine getting firsthand advice from the likes of Datuk Johan Idris (Managing Partner, KPMG), YBhg Dato' Georg Fischer (CEO, Tesco), Jake Abdullah (CEO, Astro Radio), and Abbas Saad (Sports Presenter). The conference is only open to a pre-selected list of Malaysia's top-performers from local and overseas universities, and yes, you should be jealous. It sounds like quite an experience. 

If that isn't enough to push you to excel, there's even an exclusive corporate luncheon for 200 top-performing students and graduates from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm. This is essentially a networking session that will allow these graduates direct, personal access to employers. 

There will even be a keynote speech by a Malaysian Minister, and with the current changes in business practice in Malaysia, it will undoubtedly be worth a listen.

All in all, this will be a valuable experience for anyone looking for a job and intends to start within the next year. It's on from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm in KLCC this coming Saturday (9th May, 2015), and I'll see you there!

For more information, please visit the Graduan Website or Facebook Page.