This isn't going to be a long review. Instead, I'll tell you right now that I adore this new offering from Revlon!

Unfortunately, this isn't available here, but I'd heard absolutely rave reviews of the Moisture Stain lip products, so when I saw them in Singapore when I was there last, I had to pick one up to try it for myself. Yes, I limited myself to one! I am responsible!

[Revlon Colorstay's Moisture Stain in Barcelona Nights (015)]

I chose Barcelona Nights because I'd heard lovely things about it. Further, I can't really justify buying any more red lipstick, even though that was my first choice.

Barcelona Nights is a hot pink, warm-undertoned shade that is absolutely gorgeous! The product comes in a chic rectangular tube, with a nice, slightly bent doe-foot applicator.

[Doe-Foot Applicator]

[Hot Pink Mania!]

As the name suggests, it's meant to be a long-wearing lipstick that doesn't dry the lips too much. It's also meant to leave a stain.

[Just One Layer!]

It's incredibly pigmented! With just one application, I was sorted! The trick to layering this, though is to avoid adding too much product at once because it gets clumpy as all hell. So you need to start with one thin layer, let it dry, and build up from there.

These dry down matte and they are gorgeously rich in colour. I've heard that the formula is the same across the board, so I'm speaking in general terms. 

As to being a "Moisture Stain", both are reasonably true. It's not as drying as other matte lip products, and definitely not an uncomfortable wear. It didn't leave my lips feeling parched of chapped, which is more than I can say for even MAC lippies. 

And yes, it does leave a very lovely stain. It wears off gradually and evenly, but you will always be left with wonderfully flushed lips!

All in all, I feel I need the entire collection. They're wonderful and I have buyer's remorse over picking just one up!


  1. I hope Revlon bring in the new HD lipstick!

    1. Yes! I've got my fingers crossed on those too!

  2. Revlon always my favorite brand as it really give nice colour compare to others! Nice review btw ;)


    1. Thank you! I do love Revlon lip products. They never disappoint!

  3. Wow, the color is so intense. Hope Msia will bring it in soon :(

    1. It is! With just one coat too. I hope they do so that I can stock up on the rest of the shades.