We all know I'm a bit of a skincare hoarder/addict, so when I repurchase a product, it's a sign that it's beyond spectacular. I'm someone who is easily bored and in need to novelty, so even finishing off anything is quite a challenge. However, hydraluron is a different story altogether. It stole my heart from the moment I first used it!

[indeed Laboratories' hydraluron Serum]

I'd been hearing the hype surrounding this serum for years before I finally caved and got hold of it when I was in Australia last April. Strange as it may seem, it was far more convenient to go all the way to Sydney to get my hands on it, as opposed to Sunway Pyramid! Yes, it IS available in muse by Watson in Sunway Pyramid, and last year it was just RM89, but the price seems to have skyrocketed to RM109 at the time of writing this! What madness is  this?!

Anyway, back to it!

This is such an amazing serum because it's no frills and pure quality. As the name suggests, its core ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is a magnet for hydration. It's also extremely gentle and has no discernible scent to it, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

The worst thing about this serum is the packaging. While it's in a convenient, minimalist tube, it's also very, very difficult to know when you're going to run out. I discovered this during my wedding last November. My soul died a little when the night before my wedding was due to commence (3 day affair and all that jazz), I couldn't even squeeze half a face worth of product out of the tube and I pretty much panicked! Should I get a new serum? 

No! Trust me when I tell you that the night before your wedding is not the time to start tinkering with your skincare regime (would you guys like a wedding guide series?). I was extremely happy with hydraluron, so I figured I would stick with the programme. I shot a panicked, bridezilla-esque message containing everything from blame to emotional blackmail off to my fiance and requested that he pick me up a tube immediate lest my face be unfit for public viewing and I have to call off the wedding (this is the only time in my life I've gotten away with this level of drama!).

So yes, it is worth begging, borrowing and/or stealing should the need arise!

I've spoken about my holy grail serum being Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, and I still hold that serum is very high regard. They are pretty much on par in my book, but serve very different purposes. 

I would say that hydraluron would suit more sensitive skin, and is the best thing for those of us with dehydrated skin. ANR on the other hand is more potent in its anti-aging and moisturizing properties. They're both bloody fantastic, but if I had to choose I'd go for hydraluron because of the price. It's less than half the price of ANR, and every bit as obsession-worthy. You also wouldn't feel so bad for slathering the stuff on! No mercy!

The serum itself is clear and spreads very easily over the skin. The moment you smooth it in, you feel your skin plump up and it leaves you feeling nourished and comfortable. The only drawback to it is that it is slightly tacky, but this dissipates within a few minutes. 

In a similar vein, I recent spoke about the hydraluron moisture boosting mask, and it's basically just a sheet mask saturated with the serum. It's spectacular and it may very well be my favourite sheet mask to date! I've yet to form a preference for one, and the time has come! 

They've also just launched a new moisturiser, or Moisture Jelly, and it's something I feel I have to try because I'm such a massive junkie where this range is concerned. I really do need it in my life!

It retails for just RM99, and I can completely justify it since less worthy products tends to come at a far higher price tag. All in all, the hydraluron range is one you need to stop hesitating about and try for yourself. Satisfaction is truly guaranteed! It is definitive proof that sometimes simplicity is the key.