I was recently sent a couple of Clio products to try, and I simply couldn't refuse since this is a brand I've heard only amazing things about. It's been on my to do list for a while, and I finally got the perfect opportunity to play around with two of their bestsellers. 

[Clio's Tension Lip and Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow]

Clio is a Korean brand, and we all know that Korean cosmetics and skincare have dominated the market of late.

The shades sent to me were right up my alley, and I tore them open in a fit of excitement upon getting hold of the package. 

[Clio's Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow in Feeling High (RM45.90)]

This is a cream shadow stick, and it came in a very shimmery shade of bronze. The packaging was a slim rubberized tube, not unlike what you would find from Nars

The creaminess on this was amazing. It glided on effortlessly and left quite a bit of pigment upon swatching. The packaging promises that it won't smudge all day...quite a toughie to live up to!

[Clio's Tension Lip in Virgin Kiss (RM55.90)]

The packaging on this was so incredibly sleek with the subtle etching of "Tension Lip" on the bullet. Absolutely lovely!

As for the colour...you know I love my reds and this was an utterly gorgeous shade of true red! 

[Look How Pretty!]

It was incredibly creamy as well, and it's meant to diminish the appearance of lines without being drying.

So, do these live up to their promises? Let's take a look.

[Base Sorted]

[Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow]

It took me a while to get used to using this. I was rather frustrated to begin with because my modus operandi is to apply cream shadows and blend them out with my finger or a brush. This was borderline disastrous with this product! I even tried it over an eyeshadow primer and it actually seemed to make it worse. 

After a lot of trial and error, I decided to just use the product without any extraneous help, and ta-dah! The effect was fantastic!


It is truly insanely pigmented and you could definitely wear this on its own without looking like a ball of creepy shimmer. I have very oily eyelids, and it seems to eat through anything without an eyeshadow primer on, but this shocked me with its lasting power. Even without being set, it lasted all day with only minimal creasing. I was pleasantly surprised because I wasn't expecting this to work at all. Score!

Of course, you could top the Gelpresso Shadow with eyeshadow to give it more dimension, though this shade actually sinks nicely into the crease to seem like you put a lot more effort into it than the 30 seconds it takes to roll it on.

It paired really well with the lipstick as well!

[Clio's Tension Lip in Virgin Kiss]

The colour is insanely pigmented and it glides on beautifully. It didn't bleed horrendously, but with red lips you always want a perfect outline, so I would use a lip liner under this. The shine is fantastic and I really do love this particular shade of red!

To complete the look, I added an eyeshadow that matched the Gelpresso Shadow and a bit of purple in the outer-v and crease, along with eyeliner and mascara. 

[The Finished Look]

[Don't You Love Makeup]

For those of you who hate creamy lipsticks because they get all over your face, especially reds, I blotted the lipstick and the result was fantastic! It was long-lasting and very, very pretty!

[Tension Lip in Virgin Kiss - Blotted]

Would I venture further into Clio? Absolutely! I'm extremely impressed by the lasting quality of these products once you learn to work with them a little. They have the most starkly gorgeous pigment to them and the end result is pure seduction!


  1. I'm in love with the shadow shade. Never tried CLIO's products though.


    1. Anisssss! I know! It's been on my list to try forever, and I'm glad I finally did. The shadow is well worth it! Get it, get it!