The Butterfly Beauty Box has proven to be one of the most exciting boxes to hit my table to date. If you missed out on it, check out Part 1 & Part 2!

In the final part of this series, we'll be looking at all the goodies contained within which are designed to pamper us princesses. Half the box was filled with these lovely products, and not one of them disappointed!

[The Art of Spa-ing]

Before kicking off any pampering session, I like being scrubbed clean from head to toe. I was beyond delighted to find a tube of Biolage shampoo in my box, because we all know I'm a fan of their stuff! I've raved about their Cooling Mint Shampoo, and for good reason. So, I was beyond overjoyed to get my hands on this. 

[Matrix Biolage's Smooth Proof Shampoo]

We were randomly allotted either shampoo for frizz or for colour-treated hair, and I was glad I got hold of this. The humidity has been murder on the frizz level I am contending with, so it was definitely worth a shot. 

I am all too happy that this worked wonders on my mad hair. I have naturally curly, though as it gets longer it's more akin to wavy, hair and it tends to get out of control when I'm not looking. This tamed the madness and made my locks look happy, healthy and well-groomed. Can't really ask for more than that in a shampoo. It pumped a lot of moisture into my hair too, which was quite an unexpected boon. Happy hair, happy Arpita!

For those of you who are conscious about the presence of parabens, you'll be happy to note that this contains none of those nasties. It smells very fresh as well, without an overly perfumed aroma which I am personally a huge fan of.

I've already mentioned the humidity, and it's been murder on my skin as well. I've been piling my already-weighty handbag with bottles of face mist so that I stop looking like I've just been run through a flour mill. 

[Always 21's Aloe Vera Soothing & Refreshing Soothing Gel Mist]

I absolutely loved this! I kept it in my air-conditioned room at night, and popped it into my bag in the morning, followed by a good spritz every couple of hours. The nozzle is awesome because it doesn't spritz out paltry amounts. It gives you a good and proper mist. 

Mind you, it's not a mist you would use over makeup because the droplets are rather big and would probably leave splotches of foundation or powder on your face. For days when you're going au naturale, this is a good option. It smells nice and feels refreshing. 

It's a bit of a weightier mist than most, which means that you can actually feel a slightly more viscous texture than water settling on your skin. If you have very dehydrated or parched skin, you will be quite the fan of this stuff. It's meant to be 95% aloe, but aloe vera is one of the last ingredients on the list, so I'm not entirely sure about that. Nevertheless, it didn't irritate my skin, and I quite like it. There are tickmarks next to some Korean words stating that it's free of 3 ingredients which I can only imagine are parabens, SLS and another unknown. I find it a little funny that the word "Free" is in English, but you have no way of knowing exactly what they are talking about unless you have Korean friends. I should probably check with my students what it says!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not one who frequently uses hand cream. It's not that I don't like collecting the stuff: I have 20 tubes lying in various locations around my house! Rather, I always, always forget! So when a tiny tube like this comes along, it goes right into my bag, next to my hand sanitiser so that I remember to use them together! Sanitise and moisturise - My new mantra!

[L'Occitane's Arlestenne Hand Cream]

This was quite the bonus because it wasn't up for sale. It was only available as a gift with purchase over the Christmas period. As with all L'Occitane hand creams, not only did this smell great, it sunk in effortlessly which helped to avoid the dilemma of not being able to do anything with hand cream on, and it deeply soothed my skin.

I've mentioned quite often that I have a compulsive hand washing habit, and you just know this leaves my hands less than happy with their level of moisture, so hand cream should truly be an essential for me. The biggest selling point of this specific hand cream was its size. Its effectiveness is uncontested, but it's size makes it more likely for me to actually use it!

I've saved the most common relaxation ritual to the last: Face masks!

Let's dive right in. I've never actually tried anything from Nature Republic before, despite all the good reviews I'm heard, so I was quite excited about trying their Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet.

[Nature Republic's Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet]

When the whole snail skincare trend kicked off last year, I was a little iffy about it. As with all things, however, exposure leads to comfort. I was more than game to give this a shot! [I won't be posting pictures of me in a the masks because I've done it before and I think it drove traffic away from my blog!]

It does state that this actually contains snail secretions, so it's not even just a gimmick. I tried it out and 20 minutes later I was quite happy with it. It's a good mask in that it hydrates and does what a sheet mask is meant to. I didn't see any massive difference in terms of the snail essence, but as with all skincare, you need time to see its effects. I wouldn't rush out to buy it, just because I am well-stocked on masks. However, if you're wondering and are inclined to try it, definitely do it. It's a nice, solid mask that won't disappoint.

I've truly saved the best for last. 

[Indeed Labs' Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask]

This was  the first thing that caught my eye! It's been a product I've been eyeing since Muse by Watson announced its availability. I am a huge, HUGE fan of the serum (review upcoming), so I just knew I was going to LOVE the mask...and yes, yes I did. I want to marry it!

What exactly is Hydraluron, and why is there so much hype? Because it's made of angel's tears and it will fix your skin.

The serum is Indeed Labs' most famous product because it is purely hyaluronic acid which is a hydration booster. So, the mask is bound to be as awesome, no?

Yes, a thousand times, yes!

In the 15 minute span of time you spend sporting this mask, you are pumping hydration to your very core, and making sure there is moisture retention for a full 24 hours thereafter. I certainly felt like my skin was well hydrated for the next 24 hours! It felt happy, healthy and balanced. Love? Yes! More? Yes, please!

At the end of it all, this box was 3 for 3! I wasn't really disappointed by anything, and I actually used most of it after review, which is saying a lot!