There are very few reputable waxing joints around. Being Indian (and admittedly a monster when it's not taken care of regularly), this is a matter that affects me greatly. 

Just last year, I finally got round to trying out Bubble Gum Wax (BGW) at their first branch in Hartamas Shopping Centre (review upcoming), after much dissatisfaction with Strip! (another story for another time), and I can safely say that I haven't looked back since. I did stray to some random neighbourhood joint around November last year and regretted it immensely. 

Between the service you get at BGW, the quality of the wax and the environment, it makes the entirely situation of being part-bear far less distressing! 

Naturally, then, when they opened their doors in Casa Tropicana, I was all too anxious to see whether the standards would be maintained at their new outlet. So, I hopped on board The Butterfly Project's invitation to check it out. 

[Bubble Gum Wax: Making waxing as fun as your favourite childhood treat!]

Contrary to the name, their wax is not really bubble gum scented, which I'm personally glad for. I'm not overly fond of smelling like food!

We were first introduced to their new outlet as there were some wax virgins among us. What BGW is primarily known for is their Brazilian Wax, and every now and again they have offers where you'll only have to pay RM29 for it! They do offer Boyzilians as well, but I don't have the equipment to testify to those bits and bobs. Groupon currently has an offer where it's available for RM49, so for you boys out there, go for it!

[Jesslyn Introducing Us to the Experience]

The decor of their new outlet is really quite intriguing. It's very avant garde and makes you feel like you're in a chic boutique in the middle of Manhattan. I adore it, with all the brick and wood panelling! The earthiness of it makes you feel a lot calmer about what you're about to put your body through.

[Beautifully Done Up]

As with all Butterfly events, we were given some lovely goodies to munch on.


[Aren't These Absolutely Adorable?]

[Motivation you can eat is the best kind!]

Since I'm quite a regular feature in BGW for their Brazilian (yes, this post is going to be a tad TMI), I opted to try their IPL (Intense Pulse Light). It's a form of permanent hair removal and I was keen to experience it. Yes, Brazilian IPL! 

The rooms, in true BGW style, the rooms were minimalist and comfortable. Needless to say, they were extremely clean despite having members of the media, bloggers and customers coming through all day. 

[Free Me of Hair!]

Be Warned:  This is about to get very personal!

I was a little worried, to be honest. I wasn't sure if this was going to hurt as much or more than Brazilian waxing. With Brazilians, they do hurt, but I've found that BGW does a quicker, cleaner and less abusive job than any other place I've ever been. They're also very skilled at distracting you with conversation so that you don't realise that you're having hair ripped out of a very sensitive area. If you want to try it, but you're worried about the pain, definitely got to BGW because there isn't another joint that is less pleasant for this purpose.

If you're deathly afraid of pain, you should really IPL your vagina (yes, I said it) to within an inch of its life because I was beyond shocked at the fact that I felt absolutely NOTHING while it was ongoing. No, I'm not broken; it's just that IPL is exponentially less painful than waxing. In terms of Brazilian, I literally could not feel anything, and it was a pleasant surprise. In fact, the shaving was far more uncomfortable than the actual IPL. 

We were given a soothing gel to apply to areas that have had hair removed, and even barring the hoo-haa, it's excellent any part of your  body. It's very cooling and soothing, and helps to prevent welts if your skin is sensitive.

[BGW's Soothing Moisturizing Cooling Gel]

You're meant to apply this at least once a day, twice is recommended, until your next appointment.

[Ingredients: Methylsilanol Mannuronate, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Aqua, Isobutylparaben, Triethanolamine, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycyrrhetinic Acid Propylene Glycol]

[BGW Price List]

As you can see, the cost of Brazilian IPL is far higher than that of a regular Brazilian wax, and there's a reason for it. With just 1 session, I did see a huge difference. It's been close to 3 months now, and I've been monitoring the situation. The growth has lessened and slowed SIGNIFICANTLY! I am beyond surprised by how effective this was. You'll have to take my word for it because I pictures of such things would classify my blog as something else entirely.

A word of caution, however. I was warned about this, but I didn't expect it to be so vicious. I was told the growth would be itchy, and oh my God! For 2 weeks, I was rather uncomfortable due to the itching, but the retardation of growth is well worth it! 

If you're keen on giving it a shot, they're offering your first Brazilian IPL trial at only RM96. I would say go for it! And then go mad applying the soothing gel because things will get itchy down there!

It's great that they've opened a second branch in Casa Tropicana for those situated in PJ. It's not too far from 1Utama, and parking is usually not a problem!

Address: B.1.5 Casa Tropicana Jalan Persiaran Tropicana. Tropicana Golf & Country Resort., 47410                       Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Hours: Tues - Fri: 11:00–08:00; Sat - Sun: 11:00–06:00
Contact No.: 03-78870669


  1. Thanks for the review babe. I was about to go for brazilian wax and then I read this! BGW is having first timer offer for normal wax too hehe. But this is less painful so I'm going for this ;)

    1. Fionaaaaa! So glad this helped! Definitely try it out because it's awesome, but be prepared to itch hahaha <3 <3 <3

  2. The itch part is a bit concerning. I am sure I can't take the itch! Let me go there and ask between both first. Since I can still opt for Brazilian Wax for RM29 hehe

  3. Men can do brazilian? what is the difference between brazilian and boyzilian for men? What is bikini and crack?