[Antipodes' Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum]

A couple of months back I was offered the change to try Antipodes' latest offering: A serum. From past posts, you would know I'm a huge fan of the brand, so I absolutely couldn't refuse! And with the demise of my 2nd tube of hydraluron and just the dregs of my 2nd bottle of ANR remaining, I was in dire need of a new serum.

Their entire range of product comes in very sleek packaging, and this was no different. Like the serums before it, it comes in a somewhat opaque brown apothecary-esque bottle with a pipette for dispensing the product.


With all Antipodes products, the shelf life spans only 6 months, so it's not something you want to leave wilting on the shelves while you go about your business. I know for a fact that this 6 month rule isn't merely lip service, as I tested it out with their Manuka Honey Mask and Kiwi Seed Eye Oil Cream.

[A Pipette for Dispensing the Right Amount of Product]

I used it for around 2 months very faithfully, and I've gotten through the bottle. I did find that using as much product as the pipette dispenses gives you the most effective results. I used it both night and day and saw neither clogged pores (believe it or not, there's a serum I'm testing out that has done this!) nor exacerbation of my oiliness.

It contains a very concentrated blend of antioxidants such as boysenberry extract, raspberry water, blackcurrent extract, kiwi fruit extact, grape seed extract, acai berry extract and coffee berry extract. Yes! That's precisely why it's referred to as "superfruit". It's taken a whole bunch of ingredients that have been individually touted for their antiaging and health-giving properties and packed it into this vial for us! It's basically the daily power smoothie your skin needs.

The fruit here are primarily acidic in nature which would help with a mild daily exfoliation through use of this serum. It doesn't hurt that it smells fantastic too! It's like fruit juice, though it's dispensed as a deep rust-coloured liquid.

[A Drop of Potency]

So, how did this fair? Spectacularly! My worst skin days are around that time of the month, and it's become a monthly battle with hormonal acne around my chin. They're not big, swollen, angry pimples, just annoying little bumps under the skin all over my jawline. These were rather noticeably absent over the two months that I used them. It clearly wasn't a fluke since the result was rather consistent. 

While this doesn't displace my love for hydraluron or ANR, it's definitely a serum I would purchase again because it truly is very effective. It left my skin feeling well-hydrated and I did notice a clearer, brighter appearance. Not to mention, it left it feeling wonderfully soft!

The moment I switched over to the new serum I'm trying out, I got a bout of hormonal acne, and it's left me rather distressed. If you suffer from something similar, or have skin troubles in general, this might be something that works for you to ease the torment we all suffer!

Antipodes' Worship is available for RM179 at all TNS Skin Lab Outlets. 


  1. I like this serum too but like you said, it doesn't replace the love for ANR. This one give me similar result in the morning.

    1. Yeah! It's lovely, though I've still got my fingers crossed that I'll get another bottle of ANR at the sale this year hehe

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