Butterfly Beauty Box - Part 2: 10 Minute Makeup!

The Butterfly Beauty Box has proven to be quite the treasure trove, and I couldn't help but get over excited about the makeup products included because they were right up my alley! Eyeliner? Check! Fuss-free lippie? Check! Nail polish? Check! And a gloss to boot!

[New Makeup Stash]

We're going to dive right into this one because the products surprised me. I didn't expect to enjoy them as much as I did, and a couple of them are definitive staples in my collection now. 

Instead of just showing you these products in application, I'd like to state that my ultimate test for makeup is how efficient it is. I love the stuff, but I'm also a bit of a lazy bugger so my go-to look takes no longer than 10 minutes to put together (including the base, mind you!). I figured this would be the perfect group of products to work with to complete a 10 minute make-up look. Let's tag on another 5 minutes for nail painting to have you party ready!

Let's start off with my favourite of the bunch: Koji's Dolly Wink Eyeliner!

[Koji's Dolly Wink Eyeliner]

The point on this is incredibly fine, but not as flimsy as I thought it would be making it perfect for that sharp, precise wing we all lust after. 



Not many eyeliners allow you to achieve a very thin line effortlessly, and this definitely hit its mark! The line isn't perfect (my coordination forbids me from having perfect lines), but it's deep and black and so, so easy to use. All the necessary aspects of a good eyeliner.

I've only heard good things about this liner and I see why now. I had it on for around 12 hours, and while it isn't completely smudge-free, it held up extremely well. A new love? Absolutely! This liner is made for those thin, natural-day lines. I did try it out with a thicker line, but it took more effort because of how fine a tip it comes with. Still easy, but if you're looking for a precise, thin line, you truly need to check this liner out.

Next up in the natural-day, quickie list is Maybelline's latest offering: Electro Pop Baby Lips!

[Maybelline's Electro Pop Baby Lips in Pink Shock]

When I saw this hit the stands, I was a little iffy about trying it because of my past experience with similar products (*ahem*BurtsBees*ahem*). With predecessors that offer little to no pigmentation and moisture, I wasn't too excited. However, when I found this in my box and tested it out, I was very pleasantly surprised!

[Love the Colour!]

Not only is this pigmented, the colour is so pretty! You can already sense that I'm eyeing the rest, can't you? It's an easy thing to just toss in your purse for on-the-go application. I will warn you though that if you reapply without wiping the residue off, it has the ability to bleed outside your lip line because it's quite moisturising. So just be aware that it's possible. It wasn't a major issue, just something I noticed when I reapplied without removing the residue of the previous application. 

Of course, the easiest way to amp up a natural look is to go with a bold lip colour. What better time to test out a lip gloss by Collection too, right?

[Collection's Hot Lights in Sparkle 4]

Shade aside, the packaging on this has pros and cons.

[A Mirror to Aid in Application]

They truly went all out to try and make this lip gloss as ergonomic as possible with a built-in mirror and light. While I love the mirror, I'm not fond of the light that engages when you untwist the top that holds the doe foot applicator. I find that it makes the application process more difficult because it's distracting. The only conceivable purpose I can think for having an in-built light is for use in a dark room or club, neither of which are settings I can see myself applying lip gloss in. 

In order to take the look from day to night, I used a matte lip pencil by Nars in Iberico, and topped it with the gloss for a bit of an oomph.

[Nars' Lip Pencil in Iberico]

[Iberico topped with Collection's Sparkle 4]

The gloss itself has a very pale pink pigment that is barely discernible so it effectively functions as a sparkly clear gloss that doesn't really change the shade of the lipstick under it. I like that it wasn't sticky or uncomfortable to wear. It also didn't get gloopy throughout the period of use and wore off reasonably evenly. 

Lastly, nail polish to make us all look like we're uncompromising fashionistas!

[Maybelline's Color Show Nail Polish in Berry Sexy (004)]

I'm quite a fan of this range of polishes because I've yet to be disappointed. A do own a few, but they seem to have been waylaid in my move. I did locate one of them though, so I attempted a bit of questionable nail art. 

[Considering the Berry]

So, why do I love these polishes so much? They're opaque in 2 coats, and they dry FAST! How fast? 15 minutes after painting my nails, I went and unloaded a whole load of laundry and hung everything up without any smudges!

[Maybelline's Color Show Nail Polish in Fiesty Fuschia (213)]

I'm definitely not blessed with artistic ability so I attempted a simple dotting pattern that's passable from a distance!

[Polka Dot Mania!]

This box of full of wonderful makeup discoveries. Out of the 4 beauty products, I adore 3 of them. I'm not overly addicted to the lip gloss, but that's purely because I don't get excited over the stuff. As far as texture and use go, it's a good product, just not one that makes my heart skip a beat.

For more information on The Butterfly Project, do visit their FB page.