I recently got married, and amid all the madness of setting up house and prepping for the wedding, I was rather overjoyed that I didn't need to make any major decisions where my bed was concerned. Prior to moving into my new place, I'd had my old mattress for a good 4 years, and it was showing no signs of wearing out. The decision was a given: Dunlopillo would be the way to go!

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Dunlopillo recently launched a campaign reminding people that their personal lives and relationships shouldn't take a backseat to everyday hassles, and this is particularly so with couples. It's all too easy to get caught up doing your own thing and forget to put away your phones and/or turn off the television.

In the last month, I've learned that it's very different living with someone else. It's so important to turn off the distraction of everyday life and actually have a conversation. And, as someone with insomnia, the right mattress and supportive pillows are a necessity; both of which I've been loyal to Dunlopillo for! 

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In truth, the best conversations are had when everything is silent and the lights go out. No, there isn't an innuendo in there. It's just a fact because there are no distractions, and if you're falling asleep, your inhibitions tend to be less of a barrier. So, every night, with the lights off, the Pinata and myself will lie there in the dark catching up on our day and sorting out our plans. It's a simple routine that makes the world of difference! 

And with monsoon season in full force, the weather makes it even more tempting to stay in bed! It's all too wondering to just curl up in bed with a good book while the rain pours down outside. It's the most cozy feeling in the world, and I have spent far too many hours in this state over the last few weekends purely because my bed is so comfortable! Pinata is guilty of this too with his newfangled e-books, while I prefer old-fashioned paper! 

[The Art of the Lazy Weekend]

Silence is just as important as speaking to each other, and you realise this when you are comfortable enough together to know that silence doesn't mean you have nothing to say to each other, but rather that you respect that the other person has a thousand thoughts of their own running through their minds. It's nice to have space even though you're in the same vicinity, and lying in bed, under the same covers, doing your own thing fosters that comfort level. Comfortable pajamas just seal the deal!

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This is quite the ode to my bed, but it's one of my favourite places in the world, because one of my favourite people in the world lives there too! 

[Here's to more lazy, rainy days together!]