Clarins has been quite the institution for ages now, and as far back as I can remember, it's all my mother will use. That speaks volumes since she has excellent skin! To date, she uses their Extra-Firming day, night and neck cream, so when Clarins released the latest product in the range, eye cream, I needed it! 

[Clarins' Extra-Firming Eye Cream]

And so, when asked what I wanted for my birthday by the Enabler, this pretty much topped the list, and I loved it so much that within 6 weeks, I had already hit the bottom of the jar!

[The Rarest Sight]

The formula on this is amazing. It's thick and nourishing, yet it sinks into the skin perfectly and doesn't even interfere with the application of makeup. In fact, it's so hydrating and moisturising, that it does help fill in those lines so that concealer doesn't sink in as quickly or obviously (a problem I am perpetually saddled with!).

How did it far in terms of its promise to smooth out fine lines and help with lifting. I personally didn't think it would actually work, but I did notice a difference in how obvious the lines under my eyes were. The formula didn't irritate my eyes either, which tends to happen when its too potent a blend. 

All in all, despite the fact that I loved this so much that I slathered it on in excessive amount so it ran out quicker than anything I have ever used, I would buy this again once the rest of my stash has been wiped out. Yes, I am still working on Project Hoarder! 

As a side note, mostly because I can, I used solely this eye cream throughout my wedding and had no issues with full on makeup settling into my fine lines (seriously, this aging nonsense is not working for me!).

At RM199, it's a pretty penny, but I love!


  1. Honestly, for that tiny amount of product - my eyes are watering at the price!
    You know, I don't usually have much luck with eye creams because they seem to aggravate the development of oil seeds around the delicate eye area and this is quite possibly more tragic than wrinkles!

    1. I have the same problem with most eye creams as well. This doesn't seem to give me that problem, and it's a lovely base for makeup. So much love!

  2. Clarins eye cream sound pretty good and pretty penny too heehe.

    1. Lol that's the main issue. SO EXPENSIVE! Sadly you get what you pay for and I seem to have developed a taste for expensive skincare :(

  3. Keep in mind that an expensive product does not guarantee the best results for everyone. You should ask around and find out what eye creams your friends may use and why they like it so well.
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