I'm sure you've all seen pictures of The Butterfly Project's Christmas Party by now, and you must be well aware that it was absolutely wicked! Beyond the excellent company and food, the swag we walked away with was spectacular. This is going to be a 3-part series because the box was just loaded with goodies. So, let's kick off with the most expensive product in the box: Shizen's Lip Tattoo.

[Shizens' Lip Tattoo (RM168)]

This is Shizens' bestselling product, and it's meant to complement any skin tone by reacting to the pigments and temperature in your natural skin.

When I first encountered this product a year ago at a roadshow in 1Utama, I was told that it could be used on any area of the body to lighten pigmentation over time. Therein lies the name "Lip Tattoo", but that's not the only aspect of it that's appealing for aesthetic purposes. It works as a cheek stain too, and reacts in a similar manner to your natural skin tone. On top of that, it's meant to be moisturising and soothing for your lips. 

The product itself dispenses as a translucent white and gradually shade shifts to match.

[Doe Foot Applicator for Ease of Application]

[Initial Application]

[Top: Initial Application; Bottom: 2 Minutes Later]

[A Light Stain is Left]

Naturally, the intensity and pigmentation depends purely on your skin, so everyone will get a different result out of this. 

Of course, here's a demonstration of the product on my lips and cheeks!

[Just Foundation]

[Cheeks and Lips Tattooed]

As you can see, there isn't a drastic difference for me. It provides a very natural but minimal flush to the cheeks, and it lightens the pigmentation of my lips so they are pink and rosy. I do like the effect this provides, but with a full face of makeup, it doesn't work on its own, so I experimented a bit and the product actually acts as a good base for topping with makeup to provide a different effect all its own!

[A Bit of Blush and Lip Gloss Over Top]

The product is certainly an interesting one. I'm curious as to its long-term effects in terms of lightening pigmentation, so I will give it a shot on that front. In terms of daily wear, it works well for a more natural look, and it does enhance the shade of what's put over top. It's a decent base to products and I will definitely be experimenting on how it works with other products as well.

For more information on Shizens' Lip Tattoo, do visit their site.


  1. I'm agreed with you Arpita, Lip tattoo work well for daily use <3