Menya Kamikaze @ 1Mont Kiara

The last week has been laden with cravings for ramen, and after hours of extensive research on Sunday morning (yes, I'm important and busy like that), I discovered that the ramen joint near my place that I'd avoided based on the name might be worth a shot. And so the very next day, I traipsed over to Menya Kamikaze.

It was perfect ramen weather too! Rainy and cold. No better weather for a bowl of steaming soup and hot green tea!

The green tea itself was decent. Nothing overly spectacular, though it was my first dose of caffeine in months, so it tasted extra comforting to me!

Green Tea (RM 2)
As it tends to be with most Japanese restaurants, the green tea is refillable, and by far the best thing to wash the MSG and oil down. 

We ordered a couple of appetizers, though we actually did this at my prompting after the ramen because I'm a bit of a glutton. 

Tori Karaage - Fried Chicken (RM 6)
My choice, as it always is, was tori karaage. The fried chicken here was decent, albeit a bit of a disappointment in terms of portion size. 4 measly morsels! Nevertheless, they were well-seasoned, hot and tasty enough. Nothing to write home about though. 

Next up was something I've not heard of. It's meant to be common, but I'm a bit of a philistine where Japanese cuisine is concerned. 

Shishamo - Salt Water Pregnant Fish (RM 10)
Because having a pregnant wife isn't enough, Pinata felt he needed to consume pregnant fish. I steered clear of them, but he reported that they were rather average and didn't seem pregnant.

On the whole, I would skip the appetizers on future trips to Kamikaze.

Now, on to the main attraction! Ramennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

There are 4 main varieties of ramen available at Kamikaze: Pork soup ramen (tonkotsu), miso pork soup, Spicy pork soup and pork soup dipping noodles (tsukamen). Each of these comes in the form of Ajitama (regular, Kamikaze (an egg and extra toppings) or Chashu (addition of chashu). There are also two additional varities available: Tokyo soy sauce ramen and Special miso paste soup ramen which don't come with the three sub-options. 

My preference tends to learn towards tonkotsu, so that's what I went with. 

Tonkotsu Ramen - Shiro-Based Broth (RM 20)
I picked their original broth (shiro), though a number of other options are available, because I was just too hungry to make decisions, but you do have choices where the spices in the broth are concerned, so feel free to peruse the menu to make an informed decision. 

It was definitely a satisfying bowl of ramen with its evident taste of a full 20 hours of brewing. Mmmm collagen soup! Unlike a bunch of other places, their ramen comes with slabs of pork belly! Yes, slabs! Delicious, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth, sweet pork belly!


The original tonkatsu comes with just 1 slab of pork belly, but the Kamikaze and Chashu come with additional slices. It also comes with a generous helping of Jew's ear mushrooms and some bamboo shoots. 

Pinata decided to go with their spicy ramen and the flavour was much more pronounced on this, as it tends to be with this variant. 

Spicy Ajitama Ramen (RM 23)
One of the highlights of ramen (that I can no longer enjoy because an alien is growing in me) is the perfectly cooked soy sauce boiled egg with a slightly runny centre. Just talking about it gives me goosebumps! Pinata happily reported that the eggs were perfect and delectable!

The Spicy Ajitama Ramen comes with 2 slabs of pork and Jew's ear mushrooms. The flavour profile on this was really good and it wasn't overly spicy, so I will be ordering this on my next visit.

Yes, there will be a next visit. This isn't the best ramen in KL, but it definitely hits the spot in a pinch. If you're in the vicinity, it's worth a shot. The portions are generous and we were both overly ambitious in ordering sides as well as there was a bit of a food coma moment thereafter. 

There's also definitely MSG in this stuff, but not the kind that affects the stomach (I'm REALLY sensitive to the stuff). It just made me very thirsty. 

Menya Kamikaze
Lot 1-2, 1st Floor, 1Mont Kiara, 1 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, KL (Beside Sushi Zanmai)
Opening Hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Contact No: 03-62119499
Back in Action and an Update

Yes, I've been MIA for ages and I genuinely appreciate the multitude of messages received from those of you who have been concerned.

This is just going to be a quick post explaining what's been going on, and regular programming will resume later this week.

In short, I'm now almost 5 months pregnant and it was a bit of a tough few months. I'm finally almost back to normal, which means I can actually do stuff that doesn't involve lying miserably on the couch and staring at the wall.

It's been a long, arduous journey with this baby - Trust me when I say that pregnancy is the most horrifying experience ever. Anyone who loves being pregnant has the strongest sense of denial known to man. Every single day, I discover more trauma associated with the condition!

That is all for now! Welcome back to me, and a post will be up within the next couple of days. Since my pregnancy cravings have fully set in, expect lots more food reviews!
The Concealer Chronicles: Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer

When I posted this picture, there was overwhelming demand for a review on this concealer, so I decided to kick off The Concealer Chronicles with it.

When Nars released this concealer, it shot to Holy Grail status for many for good reason. It comes in 10 shades and lives up to its claim of being both radiant and creamy! It also has light-diffusing technology in-built, so that is an automatic, "Yes!" in my book! It's a very versatile concealer in that it works well on the undereye area and around the face; but there is also the added benefit of using a shade lighter or darker as a highlight or contour.

[Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit (Med/Dark1)]

My primary concealer needs are always dark circle based so I tend to pick my concealer shade as such. While the shade "Custard", one shade lighter than Biscuit, is a perfect match for my skin tone, I wanted something a bit deeper to neutralise my dark circles. 

[Doe Foot Applicator]

[Slightly Salmon-y]

Let's take a look at how it fares, shall we?


[The Magic V]

As the concealer is slightly creamy, it works very well for those of us with fine lines and/or dry skin under the eyes. I also prefer tapping it in with my ring finger rather than using a brush because it blends in more seamlessly. As with most concealers, I take it up onto the lid to neutralise the slight darkness as well. Clean canvas, ahoy!

[Left Eye Concealed; Right Eye Bare]

[Concealer On]

[Concealer Powdered]

I use a small touch of a dedicated eye setting powder for my undereye area (review pending).

[Foundation On]

[Full Makeup - 1 pm]

For the record, it's really quite a nice foundation as well. Turning a concealer into a foundation is done in a 1:4 ratio of concealer to moisturiser. I didn't use it in this manner here because this concealer is far too pricey to use so much of! However, should you want a very flawless finish, go for it!

11 hours later, the concealer had creased into my fine lines a little, and worn away just a touch, but it still fared pretty well.


Most of the time, I suffer from just uneven skin, and foundation sorts it out, but just in time to kick off my concealer reviews, my skin decided to break out in a rash. So, it's rather fortunate timing in that respect. 

[Before Concealing]

[After Concealing]

The concealer doesn't wear off as much on my neck as it does on my face because I have oilier skin on my face. Unfortunately that eats through concealer quicker than I would like. The concealer stuck around through to the end of the day on my neck, and worked even better when I used it over foundation. Here it is shown on its own without foundation.

This is truly one of my favourite concealers because it does a fantastic job as promised. It's no wonder it's a Holy Grail for many, and it's one I'm quite happy I forked out the money for.; but before you run out and spent RM100+ on it, stick around because there's a review of a potential dupe coming up soon!
Althea Unboxing [Video]

[Unboxing Video]

As mentioned, it took TaQBin forever to deliver my packaged, and it's obvious they didn't even try because someone is always in the office until 8 pm daily so there couldn't have been delivery failure. It was just laziness on their part. This is a copy of the tracking information:

[TaQBin's Ridiculous Behaviour]

Anyway, now that I finally have my package, here's what's inside!


[Pretty Lilac Box]

[My Haul!]

First of was the innisfree mask that was on special offer. They will be returning the entire RM 40 to me in credits for my future shopping expedition!

There's been a bit of an issue with the sun block I ordered, though. It's from the same brand but not the product I ordered. I have contacted them about this, so we shall see how they respond. They sent me a more expensive product than what I ordered (i.e. Nature Republic California Aloe Sun Block - Mild (RM 29)). UPDATE: They responded informing me that a mail was sent out informing customers that the sun block I ordered is no longer in production and was substituted with this. All is well with the world!

And a toner! I'm REALLY happy with this one because I've yet to try a rice-based toner. Fingers crossed!

And of course, the two hydrogel eye masks!

I intend to have a very pretty undereye area in the near future! Look out for it!

I paid a total for RM 120 (which actually works out to RM 80 after credit rebate) for all 5 items which basically makes this order dirt cheap. I'm so happy with it! It's RM 150 worth of stuff for around half the price, when it's already heavily discounted. Love? Yes!

I'll be publishing a guide on how to shop on Althea soon, so stay tuned! Or go try it out for yourself at Althea!
The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito Collection

For Summer, The Body Shop launched a brand new collection (which appears to be permanent) - The Virgin Mojito Collection!

I went in store, sniffed the products and knew I had to have them! I was holding off on purchases at the time, but a very good friend picked some bits up for me!

[The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito Collection]

On the whole, The Body Shop's offerings don't really get my blood pumping, but their latest addition to body lotions, the body sorbet, is a force to be reckoned with!

[Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet (RM 72)]

While their body butters tend to be too thick for this weather, their body sorbet is a whole other matter. They're light and have an almost whipped texture to them which makes it a breeze to sink into the skin. It offers hydration, moreso than moisturisation, which is something I direly need in this weather. 

I can't even get over the scent of these! Seriously! You need to go in store and take a sniff because they have the most amazingly fresh, addictive scent to them.

She also got me a few miniature bits to try, and these come in something called a Cool Cube.

[Virgin Mojito Cool Cube (RM 55)]

In it you'll get a fluffy loofah (TBS certainly does those well), the shower gel and body butter from the collection.

[Virgin Mojito Body Butter (RM 89 - Full Size)]

While I'm truly not a fan of body butters, I find myself using this as night because it smells so damn good. My pot is almost empty, but I don't think I'll pick another up because I much prefer the body sorbet in terms of texture and lack of stickiness. 

[Virgin Mojito Shower Gel (RM 35 - Full Size)]

As with all of The Body Shop's shower gels, this isn't particularly moisturising or hydrating, but it smells amazing to wake up to in the morning. I may end up with the full size because the scent is so addictive!

But what I'm really eyeing is the body scrub.
[Virgin Mojito Body Scrub (RM 105)]

Every time I enter The Bod y Shop, I end up sniffing this and I crave it. It truly smells good enough to eat, but I have restrained myself from seeing if that is actually true. It's a definite purchase the moment I run through my stash of body scrubs.

It no longer states "Limited Edition" for this collection, so I do hope they've made it a permanent range. Let me know if you guys would like full reviews of any of these products.
L'Oreal's Collection Star Lipstick in Pure Fire

For Summer, L'Oreal launched a gorgeous range of lipsticks to suit a very large population of the women. The collection is represented by some of the biggest names in the world, and run the spectrum of skintones. While each shade has a dedicated representative, they're extremely versatile colours and I simply couldn't help staring at the display, walking away, then promptly coming back picking one up!

As I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, I adore orange and I feel like I don't have nearly enough orange shades in my collection (for blush and lipstick only, of course!). I will admit that I have no clue who "Compoo" is, but I picked the shade she's wearing in the advertisement. 

[Chic Packaging]

The packaging on this is absolutely gorgeous. It's got a little colour block where the cover attached to the lipstick itself, and it gives a decent representation of the shade within. I find it rather cute that they've imprinted the signatures of the stars associated with the lip shade in gold on the packaging. It's a very nice touch.

[L'Oreal's Collection Star Lipstick in Pure Fire (CSR1)]

The lipstick is absolutely, gorgeous, isn't it? It goes on a little sheer, but it's buildable. It goes on slightly glossy, but dries down to a semi-matte over a few minutes. I got pretty decent wear out of it in that it was still there until I wiped my mouth later in the evening. 

[1 pm]

[12 mn (11 hours later)]

While it's a decently long-wearing lipstick, I found it to be too drying for me. It did leave a touch of a stain (I didn't touch it up at all), but it wore off rather unevenly. My lips felt cracked and painful at the end of the day, but I do have extremely dry lips, so if that is the case for you too, I would steer clear of this collection. If you pop a lip balm under it, though, it will definitely be a more comfortable wear though. 

While I won't be picking up more shades because they're so drying, although I'm incredibly tempted because they're just so beautiful, I will continue to use this. The colour is just too pretty! After all, we all have a bit of a Kamikaze attitude where beauty is concerned, don't we?! 

Mind you, these are also on a bit of the pricey side. I bought them for RM 38+. I was a little surprised, but I just couldn't help myself!