Sally Hansen is such an iconic brand that any home housing the female species, would house some variety of their nail range, be it nail polish remover, nail strengthener, nail polish, etc.

Gel nails are all the rage these days, but I've patently refused to succumb to the trend because of the damage it inflicts on your nails. Enter Sally Hansen with their gel effect system! I honestly couldn't be happier. 

[OMGel Indeed!]

[Sally Hansen's Iconic Nail Care]

[Nail Art Pens]

[Nail Art Accessories]

[Nail Stripers]

With such an extensive range already, this new system came out of left field, and us girls can collectively rejoice because it's a system that works wonders!

[Candy Coloured Gorgeousness!]

[11 Shades to Suit Any Mood]

[The Prettiest Rainbow!]

While there are 40+ shades in the entire range, we only have 11 here in Malaysia. While this makes me sad on some level, it's probably for the best since I intend to own whatever I can get my hands on! The shades are well distributed between pastel and electric, and there's definitely something for everyone.

[Birthday Suit (110)]

[Wet My Thistle (410)]

[Short Cir-Cute (320)]

[B Girl (240)]

[Grey Matters (290)]

[Malibu Peach (380)]

[Pinky Promise (160)]

[Pinky Rings (190)]

[Pretty Piggy (210)]

[Redgy (330)]

[Street Flair (270)]

While they wear wonderfully on their own, the magic happens when you use the top coat over 2 coats of polish. It give it that gorgeous thick, gel look that we all crave!

[Top Coat]

The polish claims up to 2 weeks of wear, and I put that to the test (read on!). Of course, this is dependent on what you're up to. 

I got a mini manicure from Sally Hansen which was so pretty, I just have to show it off!

How to sort yourself out at home:

[Step 1: Push back your cuticles]

They used their Gel Cuticle Remover to soften them. It works wonders and this may very well find itself in my collection soon.

[Gel Cuticle Remover]

[Step 2: Apply a base coat. Here, Hard as Nails as used]

For the record, all of Sally Hansen's nail treatment products can be effectively used as a base coat so you can multitask with them!

[Step 3: Apply the First Coat of Polish - Here I've got B Girl going on]

[Birthday Suit! - Such an adorable name!]

Step 4 would be to follow it up with a second coat of polish. The formula on these is awesome, as is the brush. It's a thick brush that deposits product very efficiently, and it dries reasonably quickly. By the time you're done with your first coat on all your fingers, you're ready to apply the second coat. 

[Step 5: Nail Art Away! Polka dots here...]

I have a thing for polka dots, so I was a little too enthusiastic about it for my own good! I absolutely need a dotting tool in my life!

[A snowflake there...]

[Polka dots everywhere!]

I requested a cupcake and it was just too adorable! 

[Step 6: Top Coat It!]

The tip given was that if you have nail art, don't swipe the top coat on. Instead, dab it over the nail in segments. This worked beautifully to keep my nail art in tact.

[Look how pretty!]

I'm quite enamoured with this new formula and I'm so glad it's a permanent range which they will be seasonally adding to. At RM 34.90 per bottle, this is an absolute steal for quality! I WANT THEM ALL!

[My attempt at Christmas nail art]

[Sally Hansen's infinitely better nail art]

As I mentioned above, I put the polish through it's paces. For the week after I applied the polish, I was entertaining non-stop in my home. Along with the fact that I tend to wash my hands more than the average person, I had a lot more dishes than usual to do. My polish was completely unscathed until 4 days post-application when I proceeded to spend the next 3 days washing dishes 3 times a day because of the sheer number of guests I had. This, coupled with cleaning the house, and my obsessive hand washing behaviour tested the longevity of this polish, and I must say that I'm EXTREMELY impressed by it. Under normal circumstances, sans dish washing, my polish tends to last no more than 3 days because of how much I was my hands. This lasted an entire week with only the tips of my nail colour wearing off.

[After 1 Week]

The bottom didn't wear off, my nails just grew (hello milk consumption!). 

I highly, highly recommend this, especially since they're having a bit of a promotion at the moment which means you need to run out and get yourself some of this before the month ends!

The nail colour retails for RM 34.90, as does the top coat, but for December, they've got a duo pack of 1 colour and the top coat for RM 52.90! That's almost RM 18 off! If you had any doubts that you need this in your life, this should completely overshadow them!

[Miracle Gel Duo Pack for RM52.90]

Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel is available at all leading pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian, Caring, as well as SaSa, Parkson and Aeon 1Utama.